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  1. Question what is the best way to go? do some sets come pre programed with numbers you put the lights too? or do you have to program it all every little twinkle? if so what computer program is easy to use ( If Any ) what are some problems with each type? Can someone throw me a bone? LOL I am going to do this next year and from what I understand I need to start like now. JIM with the Gingerbread House
  2. yes I think the curtian strobe is what I have been looking for I am planning ahead for next year. lol I am on darrels list now. thanks for all your help.
  3. Thanks for responding who is Darryl Brown? nis he a member of planet christmas? is the brand name curtian lights or just what they are called? Is this something in the movie theater industry used by some for christmas? Thanks again for your time
  4. If anyone knows what these lights are called please let me know whaer to get them. the lights to me look like a strobe light a sparkling star it flashes for a second or too then stops to me they look like a set of 12 or so on a string. JIM
  5. Hi I have the Giant gingerbread house I think it photo number 157 on page three of showing off If you want to know how I do it here it is. on the gutters I used thin Plywood painted candy cane on it then on the back side i screwed on a few 2X2 parts of wood about a foot long. Before screwing them on I put four inch long nails in the 2X2 parts of wood to hang on the guttters kind of like your hand would be if you hung on to the gutters. then on the other part of the house with no gutter I also used 2x2 wood for spacers and four inch drywall screws right into the eves. Jim
  6. Looking for anything new that is candy related and outside use for Christmas Decor
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