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  1. Is it just me or lots of people over exaggerating how many lights they really have?
  2. I wish!....I'm getting closer by the day. I figure if I work all weekend I will be able to have everything ready by Sunday Night. This is my first year for computer controlled so Im trying to figure out my cord situation also. Over the weekend I have this weird feeling that I will be at the store loading my cart with cords cringing at the total price at the checkout HA. I have about 5,000 Lights left to string and then move on to running all the power and getting my controller mounted and ready to go. I'm really feeling the pressure!!!!!!!!!I cant sit still at work.. I wanna go home!
  3. You could always use Indoor cords they come in 15' and I believe 20' for around $3
  4. I ordered lawn lights last year and I loved them. They worked perfectly and created a neat affect to my display. Thats until neighbors trampled through my yard crushing them. If I have time I will try and fix them and get them out in the display this year.
  5. Thanks for providing me with a solution and a Picture!.. I can take it into Walmart and say show me! Show me! While pointing to the picture . Tim you bring up a good point I may be needing these cords for other purposes, I dont want to destroy them!
  6. I have just finished setting up my D-light boxes and I used all indoor cords without grounds for the outputs. Last nigth I realized that some of my runs may be around 40' and most indoor cords are 15'. Any Suggestions on what I can do? Can I tear the ground plug off a outdoor extension cord? Is this hard to do? Thanks
  7. I used blue last year, and pretty much had to replace all of them this year due to the bulbs fading and paint chipped. Its not that bad if you purchase them at 75% off.
  8. I use black out caps which you can find in most stores in the seasional department. Black tape does work great but can be very messy taking it off. Last year I got so frustrated with taking the tape off some of my sets I just threw them aways. Black caps are reusable.
  9. I can't seem to find Candy Canes this year I have checked Walmart and Menards and can't find any. I see they have the candy canes that change clolors, but I'm looking for the standard 4' lighted candy canes. I need to purchase 20 of them. anyone have heads-up on the cheapest place to purchase them this year? Thanks in Advanced!
  10. This is my second year doing a display and this year it will grow from 10,000 lights to 20,000 with 32 channels of animation. It doesn't come close to the big dogs of planetchristmas. I had a accident early in the spring that ripped my pectorial muscle off from its tendon. 5 1/2 hour surgery they were able to seat the tendon back into the bone with sutures. I finally got the clearance from the doctor to start lifting light weights again in the gym. My arms are just over 19 1/2 cold, 20 1/2 pumped. Its funny that you brought up the NFL. I always imagine as the time gets close to getting the lights up its like the fourth quater in the ball game. I agree with all the replies that its important to stay hydrated and to take breaks and eat. I agree, a few cold ones to help keep you relaxed and help mask some of the muscle pains will do the trick just fine, just dont drink too many the lights will tend to all blurr a bit and the lights will look a mess.
  11. Make sure your eating regularly when stringing all day long. Make sure you start out with a nice breakfast full of carbs. Keep your body well hydrated, and take breaks every so often to prevent frustration and to help keep a fresh outlook for the task at hand. This may sound a little odd, but make sure you stretch before stringing it will keep your muscles more limber and help prevent injury. Always lift whith your legs keeping your back straight. Also stretch after, so when you wake-up the next morning your not slouched over and can't move. For those in the cold climates like myself, make sure you warm up, so you dont pull anything. Run some zig zags throuh your mini trees, or high knee your way through your yard grid For those that dread the next morning after a long day of stringing hopefully these tips will help make the experience after more enjoyable!
  12. Thanks for all the information. I have ended up making two cages so far, they turned out excellent. I did end up going with 400 lights on each cage to get the look I wanted. I was hoping I didn't have to, I usually go by the 3 string rule.
  13. Scott Colson

    LED net lights

    Looks like most of the suppliers of LED net lighting are from the UK. I did a search on Ebay and only found UK suppliers. Are there any suppliers in the USA for LED net lighting?
  14. Peter, You should try adding two net lights per grid so you can change the colors! I wish I could use this idea on my lawn but I live in Michigan and last year in december we already had a foot of snow on the ground. I guess I could try doing this mounted on the side of my home and see how that works out..
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