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  1. I drilled 12 holes at the top of my pvc pipe and then put in hooks. Worked great.
  2. I figured I'd give you an update: I just bought 2 10' pvc pipes, 1200 colored mini lights, extension cords and a power strip. I hope to put everything together today. Can't wait.
  3. Thanks for the quick responses. I have already figured out a lot by checking out the stickied "Useful Threads" thread. I found http://www.christmaslightshow.com/doityourself/index1.shtmlto be a great help, but no matter how much I studied it, I couldn't figure out how the pole would fit to be a part of the base. I am definitely gonna use thehangeridea at the top. As for what Im looking for, I think somewhere between 15 - 20' strandswould be great. Is there some kind of ration that the base should be to height? I have no clue on how many lights I should be shooting for though. Has anyo
  4. This is the first year I have really started taking it seriously, and Im hoping to get off to a good start by building a mega tree. I figured I would use pvc as the base (Im not sure if this is the only way, but it sounds like a good start) I have a few questions, though: 1) Should I use 100 or 150 light strands? 2) How tall should the base be if I use 100 or 150 light strands? 3) I think I have got this strait, but I want to make sure: I make the pvc base, and then attach the lights while the base is on its side. Then I push the tree up strait when Im ready to turn it on. 4) How m
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