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  1. have tried to call, and emailed , we have info on your board!! chris

  2. Pics are available for some items, just click here. Prices in parenthesis are new price for comparison only. Wire-Frames: (Pick-up only) All old lights need to be replaced as the tape is wearing off, but most work(w) Some have the controller included© • SMALL HELICOPTER (old lights)(w)©(c-7’s) $150 ($450) • SANTA GOLFER, GOLFER RUDY, FLAG (no cart, no lights) $80 ($140) • BAH HUM BUG (partial new lights)(w) $60 ($150) • TOY TRACTOR (color caps)(w) $15 ($25) • 8-3’ SNOWFLAKE (old lights)(w) $25ea ($65) • 5-SMALL SNOWFLAKE (old lights)(4w) $8ea($19)
  3. I would like to see it back as well. I just moved from NC to KY(on the WV\OH border area). It would be nice to hook up with some new friends and share ideas in this area....if I could find them...lol
  4. All-in-One Professional Digital 19
  5. Updated List... I have a new case (4 sets) of the Deluxe Incandescent version of Lawn Lights. You can check them out at LawnLights.com I will sell them for $45.00 per set + shipping or $165.00 for the case including shipping. I also have the following Color & Blackout Caps: Red..........2285__(4-500pc)__(1-200pc)____________(85) Green.......1836__(3-500pc)__(1-200pc)____________(136) Blue..........773__(1-500pc)__(1-200pc)_____________(73) Orange......964__(1-500pc)__(2-200pc)_____________(64) Yellow......1238__(2-500pc)__(1-200pc)_____________(38) Purple........453_________
  6. This is not mine...all I have left is ShowTime MP3 Directors.
  7. Any offers? Don't worry about insulting me...just know this is a good camcorder.
  8. Final Price Cut... I have 2 NEW ShowTime MP3 Directors & 1 used ShowTime MP3 Director I paid $224.95 each. I'm asking $175.00 each including shipping. I accept PayPal or cash for local pick-up. Please call for faster response time. 336-207-6804 Thank You.
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