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  1. Hello all, long time subscriber, but a lurker for the last few years. I have an animated show and I'm looking for a tutorial on splitting the LED circuit from the fan circuit. In the Olde Days, this was easy - wire cutters and electrical tape - but I was hoping that someone could help me navigate doing something similar for the LEDs in the more modern inflatables. Many thanks! Bob
  2. Thank you Tim, that's most gracious. Thanks to you as well Ronda. A half hour is less than I had figured. Bob
  3. Nohandles, unfortunately the web site doesn't specify the amperages for me to compare. Tim, I'd be swapping the whole base assembly. That seems like the easiest things to do, plus many of the bases have loose legs and cracks anyway, so I get a repair "twofer" of sorts. Ronda, those prices are excellent. The shipping to CT bumps my total cost per unit to $25, which is probably still better than going "down to the Walmart". Anybody have any experience actually doing this? The site Ronda pointed out stated plainly that this project is "not easy". True? Thanks all, Bob
  4. I have a few inflatables with sick and dying fans but with fabric still in good shape. I was looking at buying some replacement fans from buyinflatables.com: http://buyinflatables.com/catalog23.htm I've ordered there before and haven't had a problem. But, everything on the website is final sale and nonreturnable, and I can't get them to commit to which of the replacement fans I should purchase for the inflatables I have. I don't want to get stuck with 3 or 4 motors I can't use and can't return. Some of my broken inflatables are the older school with the heavy base and longer metal le
  5. Thinking about it more, I can just imagine the conversation with my wife after buying a five hundred dollar inflatable... Mrs.: "That'snice, what did you pay for it?" Me: "Fi mumbly mumbly mumbly" Mrs.: "Fifty?" Me: "No, it was Fi mumbly mumbly mumbly" Mrs."What?" Me: "I have to go do something inthegarage." Mrs. "No, wait, how much was this inflatable?" Me (heading toward garage): "Mumbly mumbly mumbly" No good could come of this. Bob
  6. I'll give them a shout. I'd happily pay $100 to have him fixed properly. He wasn't a central element of the show, but the Old Skool Rudolph look is something I really like. It's funny, but all the inflatables I like seem to be retired and really expensive. I just don't dig on the "Santa on a Motorcycle" and "Santa in a Helicopter" stuff that Gemmy has been producing for the past few years. I'm not alone, obviously... I've got a Mom and Baby Penguin that's a favorite with everyone in the neighborhood; the last time I checked on ebay was a few years ago and it was going for $500. There's not
  7. Snowmen are pretty easy. I've even got some spare snowmen. But Sam is kind of a different breed, unfortunately... http://cgi.ebay.com/Sam-the-Snowman-Inflatable-Christmas-NEW-Rare_W0QQitemZ270204398476QQihZ017QQcategoryZ33794QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem But there is no wayI'mgoing to pay anything like $350 with shipping, so I'm looking for options. Thanks, all! Bob
  8. I've hacked my Inflatables so I can control the lights independently of the fans, and normally I run the fans 24/7, only deflating them if there is going to be really high wind. Well, the night of 12/15 I did a stupid thing, which was to go to bed without checking the weather. Guessing from the other damage we had the next morning, we must have hadgusts in excess of 50 mph.9 inflatables (out of 13) down and damaged. I'm not good at all with a needle, but I got out the nylon thread and did emergency repairs on most of them. One inflatable, though, was more damaged than the rest, witha ri
  9. Sorry if someone else has already posted on this, or if they've alreay posted it themselves... http://calico.whittaker.ca/ Cool 4 house synchronization in the Ottawa area. They've also got the web control this going, but in a really slick way. Enjoy. Bob
  10. When I got home tonight, there was a message on my answering machine from one of the neighbors down the street: "call me as soon as you get home". Uh-oh. I called and she told me that she'd be right over. Uh-oh. She, her family, and a bunch of other neighbors showed up with a homemade Christmas Card and a wrapped present. They told me thatthey appreciated how Ibrightened up the holidays for the whole neighborhood, but they were concerned that my display was missing something. I opened the present to find a deluxe Santa suit! I learned 2 important lessons tonight: 1. My neighbors a
  11. AI wrote: I was using "serial" in the non-technical sense of items arranged one following after another. You're right - parallel they are. But it's still a "string"! I bet in a post later tonight we're gonna find out that Jeff ripped out the original Gemmy lights and installed LEDs in Homer just to end the "debate". Bob
  12. rockyct wrote: All my inflatables have five7 watt bulbs connected in series. Truly, a "string of incandescent lights". I think I should remind everyone that I'm just joking, not actually nit-picking. Besides, it would be a simple matter to stuff Homer with some LEDs. Still looks great! Bob
  13. That looks *wicked cool*. I just don't understand how it would allow a 4 panel door to continue to function. Is there some hidden slack somewhere? Is the material stretchy? Bob
  14. This all makes sense. I shouldn't have a need to run more than 10-15 strings in series, anyway. The wiring on the LEDs seems to be a trifle thinner than on the incandescent minis, but I have no way to get an accurate measure of the gauge. As I said, it's just that at $10 per string, I'm hesistant to take alot of chances. Now, time to fire up the amp meter and string some LEDs. Thanks, all. Bob PS. Tim, it never occurred to me that I could mix and match minis and LEDs. I bet that could be useful in a couple of situations. Hmmm...
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