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    Night before Christmas
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    El Dorado Hills, California, USA
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    An Official Crazy Christmas Light Wacko (CCLW)
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    homemade lighting projects, welding, wood working projects, fine Food & Wine, gardening, private lending ... and my sweetie
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    Private Lending
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    In 2008: 43k lights with 400 channels of computerized light sequencing available, homemade wood, metal and PVC shapes.

    During the season we sit outside on weekend nights to socialize with people who stop by and hand out candy canes.

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  1. CarlD and I will be there! Thank you Doc for posting this. After taking a year off from our Christmas Display I'm looking forward to reving back up this year.
  2. Plans they are a changing. CarlD and I are just about to hit the road to "come on down." We won't have anything Christmassy with us (other than the earrings I keep in my purse for emergencies), but we will be there (without bells on).
  3. I like the idea of the quick and easy storage and setup for the following year.
  4. Any one else see this movie? I went tonight with my sweetie
  5. Ditto, with Christmas Eve and Night to 11pm. "School" nights are kept short because we have little kids on our street and some who can see the display from their bedroom windows.
  6. Nice to hear it was all cleared up with out too much of a fuss. Now let's see what happens this December.
  7. Are any other Californian's going to PLUS+ at the end of June? Carl and I are planning on attending and potentially speaking. If we get the oficial thumbs up we will even have slides and be prepaired and all that other good rot (rot = crazy Christmas Hats).
  8. No and NO. If you are singing Christmas carols in July, give your self a GOLD STAR! Singing Christmas carols in July means you are being proactive and getting things done. That's my story and I'm sticking with it.
  9. Darlene, you come up with some of the BEST ideas! It may just have to be Christmas in the Daniel household this weekend.
  10. My sweet hubby and I will be driving from California. No really as much as we would both LOVE to make a leisurely road trip out of it, we won't be driving from CA (can't be away from the other business that long). We will just have to hop on an airplane.
  11. Dip 1/2 way in chocolate (white, Dark and or Milk) or completely cover with dark chocolate, after the chocolate is almost set, turn them upside down and dust with powdered sugar (gives an interesting look).
  12. Wow, and here I thought getting them for 75% off was good. I do this as well and just love the excited responses when I ask if any one would like a candy cane, then go into "would you like strawberry, blueberry, watermelon, cherry, peppermint, or chocolate mint (it taste like andes candies)." If you can find them inexpensively like you did Mark and can keep them very dry and cool, there is not much that can give as much bang for the buck.
  13. Thank you Kathi! At first I was quite bumbed that I missed the sign up, however you and another member in FL have installed a bit of the Christmas spirit back into me. Now it's time to take the bull by the horns and get cards out to the PC list I've combined from previous years. While it's raining this week; a letter will be created and printed, lables will be made, and cards will be processed. They will get to people a little late, but they will get there.
  14. That is SO MUCH better than my first cutout, which was a solid white pair of deer. You are well on your way to so much satisfaction.
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