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    Night before Christmas
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    El Dorado Hills, California, USA
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    An Official Crazy Christmas Light Wacko (CCLW)
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    homemade lighting projects, welding, wood working projects, fine Food & Wine, gardening, private lending ... and my sweetie
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    Private Lending
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    In 2008: 43k lights with 400 channels of computerized light sequencing available, homemade wood, metal and PVC shapes.

    During the season we sit outside on weekend nights to socialize with people who stop by and hand out candy canes.

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The favorite thing that happened at my display:

Copyright 2015 by user MrsD
One year just before Christmas Eve a big SUV came to our display filled with a Father, Mother, Grandma and a toddler.  This was not unusual.  They had heard about our display and drove about 2 hours to see it.  This was VERY unusual.

The 2nd year the same family came to see our display, just before Christmas Eve, this time there was a second child who was just an infant but the father was not with them.  Apparently the father had passed shortly after Christmas last year from cancer.

The 3rd year the same family comes to see our display, just before Christmas Eve like clockwork.  This time I see the two children, Grandma and no one else.  When I asked about the mom, the Grandma told me the story.  The Father died from cancer one year at Christmas and the Mother died the next year also at Christmas and also from cancer.  Well Grandma had kept her promises to both the Mother and Father of her Grandchildren to keep bringing them back to see our display to make sure they had some joy during the holidays.

What the Grandma didn’t know is that I cried myself to sleep that night thankful that those children had someone like their Grandmother who loved them so much. I couldn’t help thinking about why at Christmas time I like doing our display: it’s because of similar tragic events in my life clustered around that day.
- MrsD

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