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  1. Can you tell I am a woman? LOL I didn't realize most strands were like this. I just thought I picked out all the wrong ones or they were really old. :]Actually it's amazing what happens when you walk away from it for awhile. I took a break, added a few more strings in different spots and got everything to hook up. It's all lit up now. :waycool: Only problem now is the middle of my pink strand around a tree trunk isn't lighting (why does it have to be in the middle of the strand?) and another whole strand at the top of a tree trunk isn't lit (it was when we put it up there) but I can take that
  2. This site inspired me and all I wanted was to put out more lights. Wrap lights around the tree trunks, add a few more here and there. I didn't count on half the strandsnot connecting to the extension cores or the adapters.:X I am ready to take the whole blasted thing down, say forgot it and buy all new matching lights next year. Half the lightsdo not have the ends where one side of the plug in part is larger. All the adapters I have use this. If things would work out I could go from the first tree to the 2nd, to the 3rd... Instead I have 4 connecting and the final 2 including the ones around t
  3. I will put this under lights only because I'm talking about decorating a yard or lamp post light.When I was a kid we had these light weight plastic panels that slid down over the glass panes onthe outdoor yard light. I remember some had wording on them or looked like stained glass. My mom's eventially cracked and broke. It's been years since I've seenany but my mom said how she wished she had some for her light. Has anyone ever seen them or have any idea of what you'd call them? I tried looking on Ebay but there either must not be any in existance or I'm just not calling them the right thing.
  4. Like I said - newbies need to eat their oatmeal. I ended up using the mini's together. Will run off to Menards to pick up more extension cords for what I want to do with the c7's.
  5. I wish companies would make their ends universal. Not thinking before I put several strands up yesterday, I'd get done, go to hook 2 strands together and would find they won't connect to each other. My C7's definatly do not connect to a mini strand. Aughhh!! Inexperienced light-puter outersneeds to eat their oatmeal for brain power before attempting this.
  6. Mature trees with wide trunks. We are trying to decide what to do in between the trees so we know how to run the cords.
  7. I'm wraping the trunks of 6 trees lining my driveway. I have equal numbers of C7 strands and mini strands. I suppose if the price of electricity comes into it I should use the minis. But the C7's will stand out more. Then I'm trying to figure out what to do between the trees. Keep on going with the strands or ??? I have to put them out today as weather is nice and it's suppose to start raining tomorrow for the next week. Decisions, decisions..... Any opinions which might be nicer looking?
  8. I'm still a newbie at this, although last year I put out more than I ever had. I have 6 large trees lining my front yard up the driveway that I will wrap lights around the trunks this year. I actually thought about taking the large garland and wrapping with the lights but am not sure the garland would actually be seen that much. Anyway this is probably stupid to ask, but do you think strands of white wash out the colored strands too much? I was going to do a different color around each trunk, but looking at pictures of the 2006 displays some of the white really are dominate!
  9. Welcome Neighbor! I'm Tammy and we live in Glasford just a stone's throw away! Do you ever get over to the East Peoria Festival of Lights? It's such a cool display.
  10. hhanse57

    Hi from IL

    I'll post a picture of my (pitiful) little display - but it'll have to be tomorrow or the next day. Right now it's pouring rain and then we're suppose to get rain, ice, sleet, and 6-12" of snow. :happytree:
  11. hhanse57

    Hi from IL

    Thank you Carrie for the welcome. I mainly have a mish-mosh of this and that. I went out and took a photo but after I brought it in and looked at it the wheels clicked and I found a few more things I could do so I'll take another after I update. I live in a big 1912 2 story farmhouse that has tons of possibilities but like I said, with me the only one that is interested hanging things off gutters and higher places is out. Our wiring was all updated before we moved in 15 yrs ago and my husband is having a fit at the small amount I've put out thinking I'll be blowing circuits all over the place.
  12. hhanse57

    Hi from IL

    A Newbie hello from IL.I've visited this site tons of time &finally joined. I usually put out a strand of lights or two buthave always dreamed of just once really decorating. Husband and son aren't overly interested though so I just keep it simple since I don't normally have help. This year though I'm doing just a little more. Since I'm not a very good decorator andnot creative at all, I tend to get into a rut about what to do with these netlights or that beautiful rope light I bought. I was going to put the net lights in my windows but when I turned and saw my umbrellatoo parrot, all I co
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