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    I've loved Christmas since I was a small kid.
    My parents always tell everyone how I had thousand of lights in my bedroom growing up.
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    VW's, drag racing, Nascar, Christmas lights,
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    Not much to tell. 16 channels of LOR and 48 channels of LYNX. 16,000 lights including 12 3 channel mini trees and 2 6 channel Leaping Light Arches. In serious need of an upgrade. If I wasn't so much into my cars I'd have an enormous display!
  1. I just want to be clear on the dripping tubes. Not sure if I am readin it right. Example DITUBECW10, do you get 10 sets of 5 tubes for $90?
  2. An opaque projector is a great way to do this.
  3. Very cool. I really enjoyed your videos.
  4. Got notice yesterday. Should have order on Thursday!
  5. I have purchased all my LEDs for CDI and have been very pleased with the price,product and service. I cannot speak for any other vendors.
  6. Paul, Depending on the shipping date will depend on where the remainder of my payment will come from. Is there any way you could flag my account instead of automatically charging the card that you have on file? Thanks, Ian
  7. I purchased a case of 70 count Orange C6's from Winterland for $3.99 a string once when they were on sale. The wire shielding seems to be much larger than most lights. I haven't tested mine with LOR so not sure if they are dimmable. My only problem was that the plastic covers over the LEDS are glued over the actual LEDs and if you aren't careful they come off. I have a handfull of cover I need to glue back on a number of my strings.
  8. Sounds good. I'll give you a call tomorrow afternoon.
  9. Title pretty much says it all looking for Light-o-rama iDMX
  10. You have to order a complete case (12 strings) You cannot mix and match. I assume he is just showing price per string so you can compare his prices to those of Home Depot, Walmart and such.
  11. You need to call or email Paul to place the order.
  12. That's a great idea I did something similar a couple years ago. I live directly across the street from our local elementary school so word gets spread pretty quickly around town.
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