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    When my inflatable snowman got slashed and was caught on camera and then went "viral" (not a term in 2006) worldwide!
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    X-Mas Lighting Rookie, but had my 5mins of fame when my inflatable snowman was slashed.
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  1. So all my LED's were purchased at Menards and are the Enchanted Forest L.E.D. brand. I've had pretty good luck with them aside from not being as bright as I'd hoped....i've see other LED's on neighboring houses that appear much brighter. Anyway, the bulb/shell or whatever you want to call the colored crystal part that goes over the LED itself are becoming very dull. It's a combination of UV and storage i'm guessing. Some of the clear/white ones are starting to yellow. Is there anything i can dip the shells in or spray on them to bring the clarity back again? Thanks in advance! Matt
  2. burnt orange for reindeer? do you have a compairson picture of this color vs. original?
  3. Sorry if this topic has already been discussed(point me to the right place if it has). I want to give my empire reindeer a good cleaning and a fresh coat of paint. What do you reco for prepping procedures and then what rattle paint do you suggest? Also, what glue have you found to work best for repairs?
  4. Will do. I know they are not as fancy or offer nearly as many bells and whistles, but I dont think i can get a 16 channel system w/ must sync. for less than $500. I just can't afford that this year.
  5. since it's telescopic, i was worried about how the "joint" lock the next section. If i did do it, i would probaly sleeve the inside with pvc or something cause it felt very light. comes with a flag too
  6. where on this site do I find info on the light controllers you get at menards, walmart, etc? Not sure that I can afford a fancy LOR unit or the like. Plus, i dont have tons of power available either.
  7. Saw these at harbor for under 40 bucks for 16'. Curious if it's strong enough for hanging lights?
  8. are those first two the same size, just different ear/antlers ? does anyone sell those currently besides on ebay?
  9. so which ones will be indentical to my empires? or is empire exclusive to itself?
  10. so this is like those tiki lights you can buy for your landscaping? can you find this stuff at home depot?
  11. ok, so I am trying to get my cookies straight. How many different blowmolded reindeer are there? I thought there were just 2 sizes, the larger ones that go with the 2 piece santa sleigh (i believe Empire made these ) and then the smaller version which goes with the 1 piece santa sleigh. But I think somewhere along the line, someone else bought the molds. So can someone please set me straight. I need to get 6 more of the larger ones for the 2 piece santa/sleigh, but want to make sure i am getting the right ones since ebay (probaly where i am oging to end up finding them) isnt always descriptive enough. Thanks in advance Matt
  12. do you recall price? in season or after?
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