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  1. There is new version 3.2.4 of Marquee RGB matrix effect builder today. https://vimeo.com/78723703 This version has a new preview mode which allows you to set the amount of black space between pixels. You can set the scale vertically and horizontally to adjust for your matrix spacing. This will give a better idea of how it will look on the actual pixels. Also a pop-up window to zoom in and set the preview size as large as you want.
  2. Is there going to be a SLAM this year?
  3. Miip got another upgrade today. Now there are two new options to effect the way the currently playing song is presented to the viewer. I can still accept more users for this season if anyone wants to try it.
  4. Another enhancement today. Now you can have a set of songs which do not rotate in the show, but instead will play only if the are voted for.
  5. Today I upgraded MIIP to give all enrolled displays their own sub-domain within miip.mobi When you use this subdomain in your link for your website, the guest will go directly to your shows schedule page.
  6. I have not been charging for it up to this point Tremor30. But would accept $20 Yesterday I was told my job is ending before Thanksgiving. So I need another job quick or I will have to start charging a lot more.
  7. Thanks Doug. And thanks again for the sign. Hope to make a frame for it this weekend.
  8. If you are interested in show control via internet phone, email me as explained in the below document. This is for LOR only. There is setup work involved so please inquire early. All accounts who used it last year are still active on the server. http://itsmebob.com/...umentation.html http://miip.mobi
  9. Early birds! I have the yard marked for the ground elements but none out yet. Some of the overhead lights are up. All the construction projects got done early. Tested them again yesterday and they are ready to mount.
  10. Hmmm .... I typed a post but it seems to have disappeared... Sorry if it turns out to be a repeat. Anyone who wants to try MIIP for this season should enroll asap. November will be too busy and too late. The above $200 price was kidding! There is no charge for this season. The current release is fully functioning with all reported problems addressed.
  11. The Beta period for MIIP is ending in August. Pricing starting September 1 will be: $200 List price. Provide the discount code 90PctOff to pay only $20 ! If you want to get MIIP totally free, you can still request enrollment AND complete your setup before September first. A completed setup includes creating a show and using MIIP to play it and vote. Take a look here. http://miip.mobi/?s=TCLH Enrollment info http://miip.mobi/help/MemberDocumentation.html The latest release of MIIP includes Integrated support for RDS text. (Using your RDS capable transmitter) Improved verification tests and speed. Improved MP3 tag identification. Improved visitor tracking. LOR version detection.
  12. Searched and found your site and videos. The 2009 video was incredible! Loved the rbg trees. The angel and star are beyond inspirational. I would post the link here but the site asked we not.
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