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  1. Time to make your runs for Walmarts
  2. Ron Lister and I arrived from Florida a couple of hours ago here in Gatlinburg, looking forward to tomorrow. Just checking to see who else has arrived tonight...and if there are any informal plans for a meeting somewhere?
  3. Sorry if this topic has been discussed before but I have several inflatable's that now just want to blow up partially any clues of why that is they all seem about the same year And I have used them several times but all of a sudden they started getting to the point that they are not blowing up fully Thanks
  4. I am heading over now, had to video a wedding last night in North Carolina (family) so had to miss Plus this year, will try to make up for it by buying something at the vendor hall. Just curious how many attended from the original Plus held what almost 10 years ago near Nashville? Not sure if Ron Lister made it up this year, we had planned on going together but both had to change our plans....
  5. Thanks for the Heads up, went for a few hours this morning to two stores here, got plenty of LED's and about 14 inflatables (about $8 or $9 each)
  6. Hi, wow, wish I had known about this. Is there a email list for the florida PC members? If so, I would like to add my email address to it....for I surely would have made plans but I haven't logged in for a few months now...time is flying towards the middle of the year already!
  7. Hi those that live in California...we are out here on vacation from Florida and are wondering if there are any nice displays close to Wisminster CA? We are about 10 minutes or so from Disneyland....we did see one display last night that is probably using LOR or AL...at 10022 Brookside of Brookview....had a little FM sign outside. Also, anyone know if RoboChristmas put up a display this year? All I could find was something that Kenny was saying they were having a problem with a Grinch in the hood....that would be worth the drive. Hopefully there are still some good displays going after Chris
  8. Looks like Lowes went 50% off today at 7am...looks like their online stuff is not available, so you will have to go directly to the stores...
  9. Can you post what your system cost and maybe some footage to see how the quality is? Do the cameras pick up in low light and do they need the infrared leds or do you also use flood lights? Is the DVR real time smooth motion, or is it still the intermittent video?' Thanks, I am always wanting to learn more about video topics...
  10. I noticed this morning that CVS is 50% off their lights and outdoor decorations in todays Sunday ad....always good to get stuff at 50% off before Christmas. Also noticed that Sears has the best deals on inflatables online....free shipping most of the time and look for the code to get off $5 more dollars on $50 or more orders. 12' santa at Homedepot.com for like $45- free delivery too.
  11. What a couple of generous hosts we had!! Gene and Lori and crew, thank you so much for your generosity....breakfast treats, lunch, and a free wire frame and clips and lights for those who attended, it can not get any better than that! I did not need any wire frames, but ended up buying three because I was caught up in the excitement! This was much better than I was expecting, well worth the time spent. Excellent speakers and well organized, Michael and Bill did a great job of pulling this off. Thanks to all those that participated. Thanks also goes to Chuck for not showing up, one
  12. Remember, it is a "donation" box...no one is obligated to pay, it just allows those that feel inclined to pay an opportunity to do so. I have been to large displays in the past, I felt they worked hard and that the value to me and others was well worth the $3 or so I would drop in the box. It is really all about the people that come to see the display, if they wish to donate, they will, if they don't wish to donate, they won't, and I doubt anyone will walk away saying "I would have enjoyed the display, but when I saw the donation box, I felt so guilty that it ruined everything..." Each pe
  13. Man, I can't believe Chuck is not going...I thought for sure he would change his mind and go at the last minute...so I decided I am not going now...it is such a long drive....wait...it is only a 25 minute drive for me, never mind...I changed my mind again...I am going now... Yes, if you are going north through Lawtey and Waldo, please slow down to the speed limit or you will be losing all the wire frame money you are bringing with you. These towns are the only towns in AMERICA that AAA motor club considers a legitimate SPEEDTRAP - thats right, they are famous nationwide! http://www.aaas
  14. I can be moved from a maybe to a pretty sure.... I just made the drive from Miami to Gainesville Thursday - is not a fun drive, then went from Gainesville to North Carolina yesterday - passed by Lori's on the way up to NC, saw they had the warehouse door opened (lots of big wire frames inside) There will be a lot cars parked along 301, didn't look like too much parking was there on their lot, but I am sure they have it all figured out. Looking foward to it....and to seeing Chuck again, even if he doesn't make it there....
  15. Michael, I just got reminded that weekend won't be good for her and I might too have something else planned....but if I am able to go, I will be there for sure...I coiuld try to bring some security devices with me if I do come.
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