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  1. Dos it have to fade? It can easily be done with a sequencer with out fading. AI
  2. I would have to agree CMOORE thay use the 220 volt rating not the 110 volt rating. AI
  3. Bury it now befor it gets to cold. AI
  4. Working on a sale but have not receved payment yet. AI
  5. Kristal; Hang in thare. I hope someone will buy it all from you lock stock and barrel, but if not I would be intrested in your LEDs. Good Luck, AI
  6. Two thoughts come to my mind. 1st Converting low voltage DC to high voltage AC is not vary efficient it wastes alot of power. Because LEDs are DC try and run them off high voltage DC and convert AC to DC when needed. Much more efficient. 2nd Use a big UPS battery back up system. Thay are made as efficient as posible and have every thing you need. Turn the AC input off and you will run off DC. Turn back on to run off AC. Charge the batterys with solar and/or the bilt in AC charger. Use a relay on the output so when the voltage drops the relay drops out and turns the AC back on. AI
  7. Still for sale. $250 each plus shipping. AI
  8. If only I could find a screen spliter to put two camras on one TV.So far I have only fould Quads. AI
  9. Thanks again fellow PCers. After I came to the realization that you can't record more than 2 channels on a standered VCR I had to re think the hole thing. The best I could come up with was maybe two camers split screen and recorded the audio on the left and right track. But this would be to many monitors and VCRs. So at this point I have given up on recording the audio and have orderd two 8 channel multiplexers. Maybe I will get some Quads to and record Video and audio from select cameras. AI
  10. Thank you for your help so far, but I am looking for old fashion analog switchers not DVR for the first year. I'm hoping to look for a lo-tech analog solution for this year. Everything I've seen thus far is either too expensive or does not include audio. I can get all kinds of camera's with microphones but can't find a processor to record them all at a reasonable price. I was hoping to go for an analog solution this year and upgrading to a digital solution down the road if the attraction is successful in it's first year. So I'm hoping to spend a few hundred dollars as compaired to thousan
  11. I am trying to find switchers for security cameras in a new haunt for this year. I would like to record the video and audio from many cameras. I cannt find a switcher or quad that will do audio too for a good price. I have been gooogling for hours, Have you seen any? AI
  12. EMT is electrical conduit. AI
  13. Price has been reduced to $250 each plus shipping AI
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