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  1. A few weekends ago I found the 13" set in an antique store. It was the first time I had seen it and was happy the folder was still there.
  2. The Union gingerbread molds have a new light placement. Given the thickness of the mold, it probably would have been better to leave the light in the neck so there's less of a hot spot and more even lighting. These were at the Naperville American Sale. They weren't priced but the guy working in the mold aisle thought they were $24.99 each.
  3. None of the Walmarts in my area are carrying the nativity set. Must be a regional thing.
  4. Here's a couple photos from the 1989 Empire catalog showing different designs on the tombstones and skeleton compared to the actual production runs. I much prefer the molds in the catalog to what was actually made.
  5. Aldi's is carrying the 21" GF Pumpkin for a great price of $9.99. I like the display shipper they came in. The quality of the plastic at the store I was at was really good...far superior to the pumpkins sold at Menards. The pumpkins at Menards will dent by pushing it with one finger. Aldi's are very strong. https://www.aldi.us/en/weekly-specials/special-buys-for-oct-2/oct-2-detail/ps/p/huntington-home-21-light-up-pumpkin/
  6. I noticed tonight that GF has changed the color on some of their light plates. The 5' Santa had a red light plate. The 40" Santa in the store I was at had a mix of white plates and red plates. Plates on the other molds were all white. Wonder if they are going to change the plates on all of the molds in the future?
  7. Thanks for the link Steve. I see they have the wrong photo for the extra reindeer. They should have one of us proof their ads and webpages...nothing would get past us.
  8. I completely agree with you. How well will this deer light with a C7 bulb?
  9. Marble Holy Family with new white pearl additive
  10. Photos of items not shown above...including the new mailbox color on the Santa's Got Mail elf
  11. The new blue scarf on this snowman is pretty dark. I'm wondering how it's going to light
  12. Menards has started putting out their molds. These photos capture almost everything they will carry. I didn't see the new snowman at either of the stores I went to today. Prices on some items stayed the same as prior years. Some of the prices seemed pretty high...I'm sure to ensure they make money even at half price. It doesn't look like they'll have Snoopy this year or the 4 foot Santa. The only mold I saw that wasn't in the catalog was the brown cub. Things I saw that aren't shown in this photo...Jesus mold (18.99), Marble Holy Family (59.99), and the balance of the painted nativity. I saw signs for the Mailbox elf and lampposts.
  13. That nativity was made by TPI. It's one of my favorite sets because it's so unique. The Holy Family shows up on ebay occasionally, but the wisemen are hard to find. I've only seen them on ebay a couple times.
  14. Ted, those are urns made by Allied Precision Industries out of Elburn, IL. They are the same company that make the Spooky Mingos Menards sells. The urns were leftover at this particular store from last year and are on clearance. Last year the flamingos came in both orange and black. This year I've only seen black.
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