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  1. We got this thing in mexico once, forget what it was called but we called it a "M-dont-F with-me" it was about 18" long and as round as a quarter. didnt try to blow up a blomold but it did leave a 2 foot deep crater in the sand on the beach, the federali's came by after that and hasseled us for a but too. I was like 18 so that explains why I did that.:121_reindeer:
  2. I just saw the Flag go up, must be close to done I take it.
  3. Thats a touching story, I am a proud doner myself. Heck, when I go, cut me up and put me on ebay if needed.
  4. I wonder if blue machine dye would work( I'm not talking about washing machine dye) Its used to assemble metal parts and finds the uneven surfaces for like a head on a engine. I guess no matter what works, it will still be alot of work. Here is a pic of the dye...
  5. Once you get your image you can use this freeware program to print it 6' tall to work with. http://www.snapfiles.com/get/rasterbator.html
  6. Well there you go Steve, now you know where the football is.
  7. Then everyone would have them and they would be washed out. I'm sure someone would build you some for a small fee.
  8. So you are the original arch guy,cool. Its amazing how the neatest things are so simple to create sometimes. Well, there is some labor involved but the concepts are so simple. I havent used them yet but have made a few with some friends.
  9. I just finished building my new wireframe with these new free white LEDs I got in the mail.
  10. Welcome to PC! have fun, I'm sure any questions you have can be answered here.
  11. I think you did a great job for your first year, I like the solid colors, that is a good base display to add to, just add what you can chew in the years to come;)
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