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  1. 55, General Foam changed the colors of the life size nativity this year. So, it encouraged me to buy a second shepherd. Thank you all for the compliments. I do it for God's glory.
  2. Earlier this season there were discussions about the online only available molds Menards had for sale. They have shipped many of them to the stores. They had the train for $83. Life size Holy family for $77. Life size Wiseman for $119. Life size sheep for $17.99!!! Camel for $45. Check online it will show the stock at your local store. I would hurry. Just a heads up!!! Good Luck!
  3. You just never know these days. Im sure they will be gone quick!
  4. A nice selection this year. Only one snowman in the line-up, that's unusual. Some of these new dark colors will look great during the day, but at night...???? thinking they may not be interior lighting friendly.
  5. Oh, boy. I guess the peanuts expansion has ceased! Linus, not even listed this year. Love the new snow man, and angel. I have a feeling the "old world santa" may not even make it to production. Thanks Andrew for posting, I have been keeping my eye open for this one.
  6. Scott, I wish you the best of luck. Sometimes passions change, and I can understand that. Time to enjoy other displays.
  7. Brad, they just opened the first KY store in Owensboro in May. It opened two weeks before my store in southeast Missouri. Still can't believe I have one here in Cape Girardeau.
  8. Looks like the same selection as last year so far.
  9. Are there any records kept on how long a store carries the same mold? This would have to be the record breaker. This pumpkin along with that ghost are about as common at Kmart as the Blue Light specials used to be back in the 80s. LOL
  10. No glitter! Mel, I hope your correct on exclusive. Gives me a reason to buy! Bought a new shed from menards a month ago. Looks like it will end up full of molds as well.
  11. That's when they start putting it out. Last year blow molds and outdoor decor were first up. It really continues until late October, which is when they complete the set up with lemax village pieces and wrapping paper.
  12. Bill, I always appreciate this annual post. Set up at menards always begins the Monday after labor day. BTW, still waiting for the two grand venture pumpkin molds to show up.
  13. If you look at Menards website, in the Halloween section, you will see the pictures of the two grand venture molds that every store is waiting on. It shows out of stock at every store. Hope the company doesn't screw up for themselves by shipping items late.
  14. Absolutely amazing!!!! Great Job!!!!
  15. CapeLights

    Meet Sam...

    I couldn't agree more. A nice winter made summer blow mold! Looks great.
  16. Looks as though the church is now out of production as well. Not surprising since no one has carried it much lately.
  17. My Menards has sold out of all molds. The associate told me they have been gone for two weeks!! No discounts this year.
  18. I obtained the Grand Venture version of this Santa in 2005 from Christmas Night, INc.. It is by far my favorite santa. My neighbor had the poloron version in their yard in the late 70's....I credit this mold (or blame it) for getting me started in this expensive hobby...lol
  19. I have noticed that the price of the SB Snoopy has backed off considerably this year. I am sure it is a direct result of the new Snoopy that has been put into production (at much lower prices) this year.
  20. Bill, my hd had two of the snowmen, and a display of the santa sleigh and reindeer (couldn't find one in a box)...on a side note one of the snowmen had its black hat bashed in...bad! The word dent wouldn't touch this hat.
  21. I have seen this mold in person twice. Once at Carrie's house during a mini in September 2006, and the other in Southern IL.. in a yard (it was the only mold in the yard) at a farmhouse along a lesser traveled highway. Very nice mold, but I will never own one at that price! Good luck to the high bidder......very wealthy....they must be!! haha
  22. My Kmart had two snoopy molds and nothing else as of Saturday (10/01). No pricing yet.
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