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  1. As of Friday, my closest menards (about 1hr. away), had one pumpkin totem left and two of the ghosts. Everything else was gone. They just broke ground on a Menards here in my city.... supposed to open in early spring...can't hardly wait!!!
  2. Bill, thanks for the pictures and price list, this is one of those posts that I look forward to every September. No angels this year...hmmmm Hasn't Menards always carried at least one angel for the nativity?
  3. Don't get skunked on shipping damages! At least when you buy from the shelves..you will get which one you want...not a dented one. Worth the extra 10 to me.
  4. My thoughts exactly Bill! One of those what the heck were they thinking questions?
  5. I am sure they will. Went to Menards Saturday, but didn't go upstairs to the "should I really be up here area". I sure wanted to take a peak though.
  6. I had a feeling Kmart would carry this one. They and Sears alike are big on Peanuts holiday items. Hopefully, Menards will come in under the $50 mark.
  7. I am fortunateto own the santa and snowman on the cover. Got them in 2004. The santa has always been my favorite. Then the blow mold bottom fell out in 2005, and like the economy has struggled ever since. Hopefully we will see at least a slight recovery of blow mold production in 2011.
  8. I guess that's why I have all but disregared this silly unrealistic thread since it was created back on April 1.
  9. I have several old friends in here since I joined PC in 2004. I am hurting right now as I lost my mom on April 16. Really a tough time for me. She bought me my first blow molds I ever owned. Stll have a couple of them. Needless to say I am already planning a memorial section to her in my 2011 display. She loved to over buy gifts, so I am thinking a sign surronded by led lit gift boxes, but what blow molds could I use around the sign? GF palace gaurds? Many months to plan, but you are the folks to help me through these types of decisions. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers. Gene
  10. Those were the only three "exclusives" at Menards. Also, the old empire santa w/blue gift made for some K Marts now appears in the catalog as well.
  11. I went to a Kmart as well, and only seen the 4 penguins. Seems like they do things in fours when it comes to molds. One or two cases that is.
  12. Welcome Back Santa! Where have you been all of these years? Bill, I did see a carton for a 40" or 42" snowman. Can't remember as I looked fast. It just feels so illegal when you go up those stairs...lol
  13. Kmart.com has the Drainage Industries 30" Top Hat Ghost available for $34.99. Available for shipping only. Never seen Drainage items available from Kmart before.
  14. Looks like they have updated the Halloween section of the site with additonal blow molds...looks like five or six general foam molds are now available for Halloween. I am sure none of the molders at the Chicago mini will venture to this place...haha It is such a great store, a molders paradise! www.americansale.com
  15. I checked them out tonight. Really like the witch. A very heavy resin like statue. May end up with one , or two.
  16. I agree wit the union slim appearance. These are certainly good blow mold fakes though. I like them. What are they made of Bill?
  17. This is probably my least favorite Union piece, probably my least favorite snowperson period. I wouldn't pay $5 for it.
  18. I tell you Bill, whille I am a big fan of GV...this nativity set's down fall is the "mary holding jesus'...vs. "jesus in manger".
  19. Carrie, I am going to pencil this in. Had so much fun "under the tent" in 2006.
  20. Bill, hope you have had a great day. Happy Birthday. What does it look like on the other side of the hill? lol
  21. Carrie, I was targeting some good LED after Christmas bargains. Looks like I may get to sleep in on the 26th, as all of my local retailers are sold out of all LED lights, and all blow molds.
  22. Just a reminder the 50% off sale has begun.....today (12/22).
  23. All blow molds gone at all my local stores. Nothing left for 50% off. Hopefully this sends a strong message to retailers when they hit the trade shows and do their ordering next Spring.
  24. Sure did enjoy the program last night. Display looks great, you and your family had a great segment. Always nice to see a fellow PC member get the attention they deserve. Gene
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