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    This year we have 3 houses participating.
    Our display has 36,000 lights and 208 Channels.
    Mega Tree with 7,000 LED's.
    7 songs.
  1. Hello all- Long Time lurker but never post much. Our street has 4 houses synched. This year we have 31,000 lights and 192 channels. 177 in use. House #2 has 7,000 lights and 32 channels. House #3 has 20,000 lights and 96 channels. House #4 has 5,000 lights and 32 channels. We are located in Mooresville just North of Charlotte off of Highway 150. Show hours are 5:30 till 10:00 Sunday through Thursday. 5:30 till 12:00 Friday and Saturday. I have 7 songs done and am working on the 8th. (Should be in this weekend.) Cliff.
  2. "I don't know if they still do it, but the Corvette factory in Kentucky used to do this, and the buyer got to be the first oneto start their car on the assembly line. Wish I had $$ to buy a vette....:(" skibozo- Yes, they still allow you to tour the factory where they build Corvette's. They have recently instituted a new event where you can actually watch them build your ordered car start to finish and be the first to start it ever. Wife and I got married in the Corvette Museum while taking delivery of our 2001 Convertible. We went back in Jan 2006 to take delivery of our new toy a C
  3. Well, I asked Paul real nice like if he could get the 24' 70 count 4" strands. (Groveling doesn't hurt.) And I have 96 strands on order for my Mega Tree. Pricing was on par. But you had to order exactly 24 count quantities. 24-48-etc.
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