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  1. Agreed, Michelle! I'm anxious to get started this weekend building my boxes! I'm off to Home Depot/Lowes tonight to find the materials. Thanks again Dan for the great suggestions!! :waycool:
  2. Dan, Just so I'm visualizing right, I drew this up in Visio. I think I understand what you're saying. Is this correct? (Or close enough?? :laughing:)
  3. Dan, Another quick question - and I'm sure it's a matter of style - but did you cut out each square and fasten them together, or flatten out the box design on the wire mesh, cut out the entire box outline and then fold the sides down? Thanks! --Gary
  4. Sweet! Yes, that helps quite a bit. I've got some green coated chicken wire that I used to make my Weather Station Star left over - that might work nicely! Thanks Dan!
  5. My wife and I are watching our budget this christmas, which means I won't be able to go buy a set of illuminated presents to put in our display up front. I do have some left-over rope light and loads of different colored light strings. Any suggestions on how I can make a few presents to add to the front?
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