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  1. I'm sure this has been covered numerous times over the past few years, but was hoping for some more current info (in light of all of the new resellers that have popped up on here in the last year and the established resellers - i.e. MITS, DCI, HLE, etc.) on where to purchase and what type of LEDs are the better ones out there? I have looked at Full wave and half wave LEDs and like the look of the full wave leds better, but have also read threads on here where people have stated that they didn't mind buying halfwave leds right now, but wanted to wait for "all of the kinks to be worked out"
  2. Been really busy, but everything is still available! Let's get this stuff sold! -Chris
  3. Hi Everyone, Thanks for all of the compliments. I hadn't received any email notices the thread had been replied to (I might have to go back and check my settings) so I had assumed no one had responded. I've emailed and Pm'd those that have Pm'd me and have someone coming over tomorrow to look at a bunch of stuff I'm planning on selling. I will update everyone if they sell and will also be posting a bunch of other stuff soon as well. Thanks again! -Chris
  4. Hi Everyone, I am now ready to sell off another unique part of my display off. So today I'm selling the c9 lights and strings that I run around the perimeter of my yard and the outline of the roof. As you can tell from the pictures, there's a ton of c9 lights as each board contains 5 different colors of c9 lights (white, blue, red, green and multi). I tried to build everything in my display with a lot of though and care and to not only look great at night but add to the house and look pretty in the daytime as well and these are no exception! The boards are all 8' foot boards tha
  5. Id like to buy all of your trees! [email protected]

  6. Thank you! I'm really torn and sad to be selling everything, but know that the free time would be better spent with the newborn and our 4 year old daughter this next Christmas season instead of working on setting up and taking down the lights again. We have a four year old daughter now and have been trying for three years for another child. So now that we are fortunate enough to have a second baby on the way, I know we can really use the room for things other than Christmas lights. I hope these sell fast though to someone local so I don't change my mind. Also, if I didn't say it clear
  7. Here are two videos of the lights from 2009 (I haven't posted the 2010 videos yet) to see the trees at night. In my opinion, the "Angels We Have Heard on High" (based off of Richard Holdman's version - Thanks Richard!) video shows the trees off pretty well. Sandstorm - 2009: Angels We Have Heard on High - 2009:
  8. Hi Everyone, With another baby on the way , it looks like this last Christmas is going to be the last Christmas we're able to do the display. With that said, I'm going to start selling parts of the display off as I find the time to do so and am going to start with what could be the considered the centerpiece of most displays. Each of the trees I'm selling were made out of metal, welded and then painted by a local metal fabrication shop. I then added 3500 lights (5 100 count strings of white, red, blue, green and multi). Each tree stands over 5' 2" tall (this measurement doesn't includ
  9. Hi, I'm wondering what type of cameras everyone uses to stream live video over the web and what type of setups you use for Security Cameras? I would really appreciate any info on model types! Thanks! -Chris
  10. Hi, I'm looking to purchase some of the 300ct Incandescent Icicle Light sets that Target was selling a few years ago. I'm looking for the all Blue and the all Multi colored sets on white string and would prefer new sets. If any of you have any sets sitting around that you're not using, please let me know as soon as possible. Thanks! -Chris
  11. Thanks for the quick reply! I saw that when searching for the GroupBuy threads to take part in (obviously I found out I was too late for them). That particular vendor is only selling the 5mm LED strings right now and I'm actually looking for a whole host of stuff (minis, c6, m6, icicles, etc.) and I would like to purchase them all from the same place to keep some sort of continuity with all of the sets of lights. With that in mind, I won't be able to purchase there. Thank you again though! -Chris
  12. Doh! I missed the pre-sales! I was planning on moving to LEDs this year and should have come back sooner to check when the groupbuys started and stopped. I remembered seeing stuff last year about March time, but honestly did not expect to see that they got started so soon after Christmas and were closed in February for shipping in March/April. Does anyone do any other Groupbuys later in the year for LEDs? The plan was to convert to LEDs this year, but I might have to wait another year if I have to pay retail to make it more affordable. Hoping for some good news on another GB!
  13. Does anyone have a copy of the show they could possibly send me? Or a clip of the part that aired about the Christmas lights? I am willing to pay for the cd/dvd if someone can make one of the show for me. Thanks in advance! -Chris
  14. Hi Richard, Please let me know once you post it, I would really like to see the clip if possible! If it's easy enough and you are willing to, I could pay you to send me a copy of the whole show. Thanks! -Chris
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