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  1. You never cease to amaze me with your ability to chime in on other vendors threads....... I guess with ZMANS comparison of Laurie Reinder and Paul Sessel's customer support and with my experience with CDI I better keep looking. I was also waiting on my return label. Yet another example of the customer getting bad lights and having to spend more money trying to get good lights. (shakes head) I hope these replacements last longer than the replacements I got from CDI.
  2. I have also ordered many $ worth from aliexpress with no problems. My orders have been for power supplies, RGB LED strips, 4 pin water proof connectors, and 4 wire cable.
  3. I have used over 2100' of rope light from Mengmengusa I had some red incand. rope light that hung on frames in my garage that got faded by the sunlight shining on them. I replaced them with Red LED rope light. Also the green incand. I got from them actually looked blue at night when it was lite. I replaced the green with LED rope light. I have gotten over 900' of LED rope light from them and have not had any of it fail. In the two years I used them. I have used up to 300' of clear rope light around our campsite while camping. Never had any problems with it except for the time it w
  4. I received all of my order from Travis so, I will respond with my order number and the type and amount of lights that I have that no longer work. I seem to be one of the lucky ones and did receive all of my order from Travis. I do have quite a few green lights that don't work anymore though, but still have hope that these will be replaced. I am not so confident that they will be replaced with 'good' lights. Its pretty obvious there was some kind of quality problem and these lights will be replaced with lights from the same stock. However if I had not received all of my lights and I hav
  5. Some used these for RGB individual controlled LED bulbs. Some used these for RGB control of strings. Poke around here at Ray Wu's store. What you want is available. I used RGB pixel strips to outline our windows and roof this year. They ran from LOR DC controller. They worked great. Would not work good for wrapping trees. Lots of great RGB information/talk going on at the following links. diychristmas. auschristmaslighting.
  6. It may work depending on height, how many rope lights. Rope lights are very heavy compared to the traditional light strings.
  7. Welcome. Maybe you could provide your song for download so we can check it our. ; )
  8. All that means is you don't have the image that I used in the animation screen. Just click OK and it will work fine. I sequence on my laptop and when I open a sequence on my show computer it does the same thing.
  9. Here is the sequence I have worked on. Where's the Line to See Jesus.zip
  10. There was no intent to impose my views. Sorry if you took it that way. This thread was talking about Catholic Tradition. So, my responses were to help clarify (and me learn more) Catholic Tradition about the Immaculate Conception.
  11. The Immaculate Conception (in Catholic teaching) has nothing to do with Mary conceiving Jesus. It is all about Mary being conceived without original sin. Try here for more clarification.
  12. We did something of the sort this year. I made a Mary, Joseph and donkey cut out this year. Joseph leading the donkey with Mary on it was displayed headed toward our stable until Christmas Eve night. Before bedtime Christmas Eve my wife kids and I went outside and removed the cut outs and put out our Nativity set. The stable was empty til then with the exception of the hay my neighbor had already put in it.
  13. 07 CDI strings. Good. 08 CDI STRINGS!?! Really? I did not get any 07 CDI strings, but heard they were awesome and worked very good. I did get a bunch of 08 CDI strings and it was awful. When I read the part in bold above many thoughts popped into my head. Fire! Smoked out! Didn't work! Total disaster! Total waste of money! I say this because my first experience (08 CDI) with a big LED purchase that was a total disaster. I have an order ready for this pre-buy. I'm sure its just me, but these being compared to the 08 CDI strings in any way gives me a bad feeling. I am glad
  14. I got the instramental and the video from here. http://beckykelley.bandcamp.com/track/wheres-the-line-to-see-jesus-demo-version-instrumental
  15. Thanks for sharing. I too will be buying the song. I think I can work it into our show by Monday.
  16. That is around 10.5 failure rate of total strings, which I think is not acceptable. BUT its a 28.6 failure rate out of just green. Either way its way above the 1% touted by some vendors/manufactures (I separated this from my post #239 because it is in no way a comment to Bill V's post.) In threads like this where people are telling about their LED failures there always seems to be a post saying "you cant expect LEDs to last forever, there is going to be some failure". Usually this post comes from what I have come to call a vendor 'admirer", or even from the vendor themselves. M
  17. ALL from LED HL? Wow! I'd say that is a true miracle compared to my experience over the last 3 years, no matter what vendor they came from. I got 96 total (24 each) strings of red, green, blue, and warm white 100ct M5's. I have had 0 failures from red, blue, and warm white. I have had 1/3 of a string or 1/2 of a string go our from 10 strings of green.
  18. "Limited Warranty: Magic in the Sky is proud to stand behind our product. We test every strand before it is shipped. In the event you receive a strand that fails during the first twelve months from purchase we will replace it free of charge. During the thirteenth to twenty-forth month you will receive a 50% credit towards the purchase of new strands at the current wholesale price. Replacement will only be made on defective strands. Stands damaged from customer electrical surge/overload, installation, or misuse is not covered under this warranty. Magic in the Sky may request customer return fai
  19. ditto la la la this was not long enough. : )
  20. I saw that last night and have already voted. When we saw it I said to my wife "I wonder if their a member of PC" : )
  21. LOL! Man, that would make a mess if a cat tried to jump in that tree. : )
  22. Depends on how fast you want them and how fast you are. Their first sale is usually an inventory reduction sale and has limited # for sale. The July sale does not have any quantity limits. I have purchased in both sales. I really don't recommend one over the other. The prices may be slightly cheaper in the inventory reduction sale, but not by much. Also if you keep your eye out here and on the LOR forums there is usually different people for different reasons offering LOR controllers for sale all thru the year.
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