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  1. Howdy folks....I purchased my tree late last night ...I had the guy at the lot cut a inch off the base....brought it home put it in the tree holder and put water inside all the way to the top. This was done around 10pm last night. I was in a hurry this morning to get to work and got home around noon today for lunch and checked the water level on the tree and it was all soaked up. Now I am worried that my tree might have dryed and sap over on the base. I read somewhere on the net that said it could take up to 8 hours for a tree base to dry over....but that the christmas tree drinks the most water in the first 24 hours. I was wondering if someone could give me some advise. Should I take the tree out of the holder and cut another inch off ?
  2. Hey guys a couple of years ago , I bought a strand of 200 or so Holiday Living brand led lights from Lowes....its the ones that come on the big spool....and they are size c6. Anways, for some odd reason they didnt come with any replacement bulbs....but here is my problem. I put the lights on the roof the other nite....then the next day...I turn em on and bam.....a quarter of the strand is out. I started inpecting the bulb and I found one bulb that looked yellow or burned. I have never seen a burnt led light before so I am not sure if this is whats causing the lights to go out. Can anyone help me.
  3. Hey guys, I have been wanting to get into blowmolds for a couple of years now ....but I know they are harder and harder to find now in your local town or city. I live in the San Antonio area and so far I have only seen some general foam molds at Gardenridge. They have a pretty good selection but a tad bit pricey....I wonder if anyone here has seen any molds at other big box stores this season. I remember a couple of years ago I saw some santas at walmart.
  4. do you think it will hold up with the elements of the season?
  5. Hey guys...I was wondering if anyone could recommend any flood lights , etc that will light up my plywood cutouts but arent overbearing and light up things or items behind the cutouts. In the past I have used 90watt floods but they always are alittle to bright and shine up against the rest of the house. Any suggestions?
  6. nice stuff! love the big bird and s. street crew!
  7. Hey everyone....so I was thinking after working on some new cutouts...what does everyone use to stake or keep your plywood cutouts in the ground. I myself use 1/2 aluminum pipe that i cut to size and secure them to the back of the cutouts with clamps. I dont drill thru my cutouts but I do use small screws to attach small wood blocks to attach above to the cutouts. That way I can just hammer in in the ground. What about yall ?
  8. Hey guys...getting prep for the holiday season and going to add some more cutouts to my yard this year. Here is the first of 4 disney character cutouts I have plans for. Mickey is alittle of 2 foot tall ....alittle smaller than some of my other cutouts but I want to put all the disney character together...so I made them smaller. [ATTACH=CONFIG]38841[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]38842[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]38843[/ATTACH]
  9. that is so cool....tons of blowmolds!
  10. those are awesome ! i really want to get into blowmolds but they are so hard to find.
  11. my tracking paper does the same thing....but just paint over it....it will be fine. for lighter colors like white you might have to paint a few layers.
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