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  1. This is new for 2016. It's kind of hard to see but there is video in the window from the movie "The Polar Express". Christmas Light Magic website: http://www.christmaslightmagic.net
  2. This video shows the setup and equipment used to run our Christmas Light Show. Christmas Light Magic website: http://www.christmaslightmagic.net
  3. These are our Christmas Lights with the song Let It Go from Frozen. We added video to the upstairs window. I also re-sequenced the lights a bit to match the video. Christmas Light Magic website: http://www.christmaslightmagic.net
  4. This is our Christmas Light Display for The House on Christmas Street. New for this year is video in the upstairs window. I've also placed a video window on the lower right of the screen so you can see it better. Christmas Light Magic website: http://www.christmaslightmagic.net
  5. Here is one of the songs from our light display this year. Enjoy!
  6. Negative. I don't dim the strobes. Know about that can cause issues. I know a lot of people use them but plugging in a GLADE just seems unsafe. From what I understand is that if they are not used as directed, they can be a fire hazard. Guess I'm paranoid that way. In any case, plugging in some lights worked for me.
  7. Turns out I didn't need c9 lights. I just put a small string of incans on the same line as the LED's. In my case, the controller boxes are out of site (inside the garage) so I put the string of incans right where the extension cord plugs into the controller. I must be missing something with the GLADE thing. Aren't those dangerous to use especially outdoors?
  8. This is a customized version of the song "The House On Christmas Street" re-recorded by Judy Pancoast for our Christmas display.
  9. Ok so that did the trick! I placed a small string of lights on the same line as the LED banner. Works perfect now. All of the issues the banner was causing are now gone. Thanks so much for the help.
  10. OK, so I will try to put something on the LED sign so it fades correctly. Should work with strobes as well right? I notice my strobes do the same thing (extra flashes after beeing turned off).
  11. Thanks for the info. Lukily with my incans, I don't need to calculate loads as I only have about 4000 lights. I do have one section of LED's that run a Merry Christmas banner. Sometimes after it fades, it does one final random flash. Don't know if its an issue with the banner itself or the fact that I'm running on an older controller box. Anyone else see this issue?
  12. Hello, I have been using my Light-O-Rama controllers since 2006 and they have been working great. Question: If I switch all of my lights to LED, will I need the latest generation of controllers? If so, I guess this year or next year will be my last year. Don't really want to replace everything. Thanks.
  13. Definitely a Ramsey. You can buy the kits or buy them pre-assembled on E-Bay. http://www.ramseyelectronics.com/hk/
  14. I know there are already a lot of tips in this forum but thought I would start a new thread with 2011 ideas. Right now we use chain we bought from Lowes. The chain is strung through each ground unit (wire frame dears, nativity set, inflatables). The ends of the chain are padlocked to doggy stakes that are screwed deep into the ground. We then use tent stakes and stake the chain down into the ground about every 3 or 4 feet making it difficult for anyone to pull anything up. We zip tie all of the extension cords together and zip tie each plug together so someone can't come along and easi
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