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  1. Awesome thanks for the info, i checked itout. Daffodill1 merry christmas and may god bless you all
  2. Hi to all from Goodnight Rd., Salisbury, NC Old time Christmas Planet member. No channel or digital displays yet but working onit. We usually lite any and everything we can get lights on. We love it. daffodill1
  3. Hey I work 4 Home Depot, and i know we have a nativity not the individual figures, but it is a nativity. Check it out at Homedepot.com I know what u mean about walmart not having alot of stuff they normally do for the holidays. I went n the other day and was surprised at what they didn't have. I bought my nativity last yr at W almart at the end of the season on sale. Anyway check out Home Depot website. Most of the items have free shipping right now. They also have reels of lights in bulk for sale lots of good stuff. daffodill1
  4. :happytree:Looking for a 4' to 6' lited tropical palm. they r quite pricey. i have checked several vendors but still am not satisfied, any good suggestions on any other vendor to check for this item daffodill1
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