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  1. Yeah- I just need to sell them, get some extra cash for gifts this year. My wife isn't that crazy about animated lights either- so selling my entire setup. Definitely can't ship these, so hopefully someone locally would just want to buy them instead of making them. I listed them for $350 for all (4) arches. We'll see what happens I guess. Thanks!
  2. So you think like, $100/arch - that's just the cost of LEDs, wire, pipe, etc. No labor...
  3. Hey guys- I need to sell my lighted arches, I just don't know how much to ask for them. I have 4 total, they're 10' long, wrapped with 8 or 9 LED strings each (cool white). Used 1 season, everything works. I was going to put it up on CL, but have no idea what to ask for them. Any ideas? I appreciate the input!
  4. Where'd you get that Hoffman Enclosure, and how much was it? That's exactly what I'd LOVE to have- but certainly don't need it considering how temporary this is, and lack of weather here in AZ.
  5. Awesome. Do you have a thread or pics of your subpanel that I can see? Thanks for all the help!
  6. Yeah, talked to another guy at Home Depot- he helped me a ton. I'll be using an outdoor rated 4 pin receptacle- don't think it's a range one, but it's one made for that type of usage. Any idea on the best place for a pin and sleeve receptacle/plug? Does Home Depot/Lowes have those rated at 50a? I'll also use a Double Pole 50amp breaker. He didn't know if that converted to 100a @120v or not, but you guys confirm that it does. Dang- great point on the GFCI breakers. I had NO IDEA they were that expensive. That really defeats the purpose. For that much in price difference, I'd rather spend a
  7. Thank you for the reply. Yes, I'm planning on using the 50a/240v plug/cord etc. It may not be a Dryer plug- but it's the one with 4 pins/wires... DEFINITELY 50amp tho... I'm also going to be using outdoor rating on everything, and then build a contained box to mount it in. I may even go as far as bungee cording a tarp over the entire thing once it's all up and running- just to play it safer. ok- so for each receptacle (2 plugins) I can only have 20amp going to it. Got it. I looked at what I used to have, that's what it was. I'll just have a 'dead' plug on each one, maybe I'll rig up an i
  8. Hey guys- Been reading a ton, asked a lot of questions to my local Home Depot electrician- but want to run this by you guys before I proceed. I've installed a lot of breakers & additional outdoor receptacle/outlets in the past, and I have a good general idea- but need specifics. I need more power. It must be portable as I will be moving in a year or two and don't want to uninstall a ton of receptacles, etc. I want to be able to wheel the 'Wall of Power' out when I need it, plug it in, then wheel it back into the garage when I'm done. I currently have a 200a servicing running in
  9. Dude! Great idea on the 2x4/rolling out method! I think that might work for me- I'll have to do some tweaking since our roofs are completely different type, but I think that could work!
  10. Yeah- bummer. We have those Spanish Tile Roofs here in AZ- those all purpose hooks won't work. Great idea on the cable tie method tho! That will work for the sides... that's going to be a TON of lights tho! How long does it take you to set them all up?
  11. Sweet- how do you attach them and anchor them down? I read something about using PVC pipe on each end of the string?
  12. Hey guys- I am CONSIDERING throwing lights up on my entire house- walls, roof, etc. I'm sure you've seen those houses that have every inch covered with lights. I'm trying to figure out how many strings it would take to do that. Do you guys know how far apart those guys space the strings when they place them up the walls and on the roof like that? I'll be using LEDs- just want to do some pre-planning here...
  13. Yes, I finally received payment in full from Travis. I think with the busy season, he got a little behind on things, and couldn't communicate as efficiently. I plan on ordering from him again in the future, assuming the product changes to fit my application.
  14. I'm having trouble with the pricing on the C-9's... I am seeing retro-fit C9's that are DIMMABLE, pre-order price of $.90 ea, or $90/case of 100. If my math is correct- for a standard string of 25 ct C9's- that would be $22.50 per string. That's VERY expensive, compared to just buying new strings completely. Am I missing something here? Also- how bright are the LED strobes compared to the old standard strobes?
  15. ok- UPDATE. I DID just get an email from Travis. He is sending me the Refund Confirmation #, and states that he DID refund it last week. Maybe the stress of the market and season are making me 'jumpy'. I'll post back with an update...
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