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    Birmingham, Alabama, USA
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    I am married with 2 boys 13 and 11. I have 3 dogs! 1 wiener dog Jysse and Kallie who is a mix bull dog/boxer and now Hannah who is a mini yorkie.
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    Christmas lights and coming up with more ideas for the Christmas display.
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    Church Admin and bookkeeper
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    This is my 3rd year to have the lights computerized. We are get bigger every year!

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  1. Oh well that's not too bad! Well again War Eagle! I love it.
  2. That is awesome! How's traffic been since all this happened? And War Eagle
  3. I agree with everything yall are saying...I just don't want the element out of place if that makes sense. See this year we are recreating Cinderella's carriage and my husband and I are talking about whether or not that would be out of place if a Cinderella song isn't played or would people know what it is if there isn't a reference to the movie. I really don't care for an element in a display doesn't make sense so I am trying to make sure that I am not guilty of it too. I hope that I am making sense
  4. Ok good I was thinking so but I wanted to make sure that my thinking is correct
  5. So my question for the day is this...if you are adding a new element to your display do you need to or have to include a song that "represents" that element? Example would be a Disney element added to the display so does a Disney song need be sequenced so that the element makes sense?
  6. Thanks Bill! By the way, I have always been one of your fans!
  7. After not having our display up the last two years I am so excited that we will be having it once again this year! With all the rain we have been having we will be starting early this year....first weekend of Sept! We have already planned out the display and I will starting the modifications of the sequences! Super excited
  8. Please let me know how much shipping is for the used clear lights to zip 35235. I would like to pay you today for them.
  9. I am interested in your used clear lights....are they still available
  10. Ok.....wow I know that you should have gotten your stuff by now....I know that I was slow on getting your stuff out and I do apologize for that but posting this on a forum is craziness......
  11. Ok update....lights, cords and 3 controllers are now gone....I have one controller left...$160 firm
  12. Ok so here is an update on what's left...one controller for $160 is is 40 amps with no outside box but has never been outside. and over 20,000 regular mini lights (white, red and green) with about $600 worth of extension cords in various sizes for $300 (because of shipping)
  13. Ok so now there is 3 Controllers left each for $200
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