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  1. Hello, My Gemmy Homer (5 foot) stopped moving. Sounds like he wants to. Should I take him apart or just leave him? I am not even sure where to start. It was moving then making a loud sound around its left leg. Any help or pictures would be appreciated (I am non mechanical).
  2. I just purchased the life size 3 wisemen and Holy Family. Anyone know where to purchase the other stuff?
  3. darn..I think you were one of them!!! haha
  4. I am looking for a bunch of these, please PM me or email at [email protected] I know there were a few people here that used to sell new ones the last couple of years. I live in Maryland if that helps with a quote for shipping. Thank you!!
  5. Did you purchase insurance or delivery confirmation? How do you know if he actually did receive the blowmold and is trying to scam you? Fedex is soo much cheaper for shipping blowmolds, plus they include tracking and insurance up to $100.
  6. For three years straight, I have tried to get runners for my sleigh...however for three years they have sent me parts to the reindeer. Mind you, I have gotten a refund and all the parts for a reindeer one could ask for....finally last year, I called, they once again checked my name and order and finally sent me the runners for the sleigh...wierd.
  7. I PMd this guy wanting to buy a bunch of stuff, got back to me then I hear nothing? I would watch out about buying. Has anyone actually purchased from him?
  8. I used 2X4s...sorta looks like a train track (also there is 2 sets...one for 5 reindeer and the other set has 4 deer and sleigh). THe end closer to the ground has a few more 2X4s to lift if off the sloping roof. If that even makes sense. If its nice out, i will get on the roof and take some pics in the next few days. Thank you everyone for the nice comments. Buddy....I need to buy some candy canes. I think I have emailed you a few time through ebay but have been too busy to buy anything.
  9. Here is my small blowmold display. I have them blinking to music.
  10. you guys are right, thanks. If I turn in on and just let itself warm up, that also works.
  11. Ok, I have done a search and cannot find answers.. First night the thing worked great, last night, songs or motion did not work, finally got it to work and the songs were really really fast...same with the synchronizing. Unplugged and plugged back in a few times and finally worked correctly. Is this because I have it attached to a timer? I am not even close to overloading on it. Anyway, Its the GE lights and sounds with 6 plug outlets.
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