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    A Christmas Story
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    Live in a small cape near Liberty tree mall
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    This year I built a waterfall

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  1. The day after Halloween, Hope to be done by Thanksgiving night.
  2. Home depot has white only marked down online line for $15.00. Get them while you can
  3. I' m in the running too. Best of luck on winning
  4. What's in the yard? A train? Does it run?
  5. Thanks I'm also running in the national Patch Christmas house contest. Last year I placed 12th and they paid my electric bill.
  6. Just got a free plug for my fundraiser tonight. it's under deck the house video : www1.­whdh.­com/­video/­category/­top-­video/­ Plus a fly over from there helicopter
  7. Thank you for sharing. That opening was the best!!!
  8. Who"s up and running and where can you be found??
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