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  1. Agree, mig welding alum is a pain, high cost to setup if your not all ready. Your better off migging stainless, only wire change for that, same gas ratio used.
  2. Awesome looking, how many seasons have you had this out?
  3. I have a little stand-a-lone prop that is just a animated set of bears clapping bells together to make a song. I have figured out a basic circuit which when triggered, will play the bears for 20 seconds. My question, has anybody figured out a way so when money is dropped past a sensor, would activated something? My donation box is an 4" pvc pipe that looks like a Candy Cane that people drop money down. The sensor would need to be good for coin or paper, so I am guessing a micro switch is out. Needs to me a sort of Photo eye, just not sure on type and ciruit to make it work. Any Sugguestions? The circuit that activates the bears is a simple 555 timer with delay. Thanks, Chuck Attached is a shot of the 3" cane I built last year, is getting up graded to 4" this yr due to much money getting stuck in tube.
  4. Looking at some options, and looks like a will be selling off my LOR DC cards next month. I have 4 of them I purchased last fall. Drop me a PM with an offer if you are interested in them. Not selling them tell I receive a new product being produced next month or so, being I am using them nightly to control my landscape lighting. I am switching to all DMX based dc controllers.
  5. No wonder why my dogs and wife are nuts this weekend
  6. Hey, just came across this site, might be something to look into. Looks like they have the flakes your are talking about. http://www.corochristmas.com/
  7. I hear it only takes 10 hrs to create one, frank
  8. Come on, spill the beans, I heard you were planing on using cozzi's...
  9. Same thing, isn't it.....
  10. That's a funny one... [ATTACH=CONFIG]34053[/ATTACH]
  11. (bump) 55 Days Slackers...
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