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  1. Thanks, guys! It has been a labor of love to build it. We tried to stay as true to the house in the movie as possible.
  2. Hey, everyone! We just opened an online venture to build Christmas Advent Houses. We previously built one for ourselves for our Christmas display. Since then we've been getting email from people to build the house for others. So, we're making a go of it. We just launched our site this past Sunday. Please check us out at: http://www.ChristmasAdventHouse.com
  3. Well, I'm starting to do my homework. In reading all the posts, I'm wondering if I'm going to get in over my head. Money-wise I'll have to start with 16-32 channels. But it's starting to sound more complicated than than just buy a box, program the show and plug in. I'm reading about Cat 5's, and people talking about which board to use, and a whole heap of overwelming stuff. 1. Is it that hard? 2. Is there something else I need other than a computer, Software, and channel box? 3. Is there an alternative to Light-o-Rama? What do you use or recommend? Thanks in advance!
  4. Looks like Santa may have granted my wish! My wife seems to be cracking under pressure! I think she'll let meanimate next year! Maybe start off with the 16-32 channels. Oh, there's so much to plan on! I'll have a ton of questions over the following year so any help with be greatly appreciated. Merry Christmas, everyone!
  5. Thanks, Kenny. Look slike I have a year to plan. I think I may be able to convince her to start off with something if I can plan it out and show her its tasteful enough. Merry Christmas, everyone!
  6. OH MY GOD! We actually had a conversation about doing it next year! Well...she still said "no" for a host of reasons, including she doesn't think I have the endurance or the time to do it right, but she humored me and had the conversation about what it would take to do it right. HAHA. It's just like Tim Robbins in "The Shawshank Redemption", "That's all it takes really, pressure, and time." :] Money is an big issue. Because to do it "right" we estimate at least 64 channels and that gets expensive. But, hey! It's a start!
  7. Ok. I'm ticked! I've been reading through a bunch of threads with neighbor problems and can't understand people. So here's an idea: Imagine moving to a community that is known as say "Christmas Village". It would be a community where EVERY house decorates to the max. Each block could time their shows around their neighbors so visitors can see each house. You can maybe synch up houses to go with others or have a show like two houses are trying to compete. This house does minute, then that house does a minute. The first house goes a bit bigger and the second house responds. Image what can
  8. I just had to sit here and read over EVER post in this thread. I'm amazed. I can sympathize with a neighbor not wanting traffic (but that's it). This one has issues. Major issues! As for the city and the mayor, I'd like to say a few things, but I'd probably be labeled as "One of those rude Americans". I'm glad you at least were able to do it somewhere. I think I'll start going by the motto: "If you can't put up Christmas lights, then the terrorists have already won". Merry Christmas and congrats on your new addition.
  9. 2,427,858 + 18,000 _________ 2,445,858
  10. Ok. I have a task for everyone. We have a static display of 15,000 lights. I'm very proud of it, but I'd like to animate it. Unfortunately, my wife doesn't like it. So, aside from a divorce (kidding) or killing her (still kidding) how can I convince her to let me animate our display.
  11. Not sure. What type is it?
  12. Thanks. But their website says sold out in 2006.
  13. Geeze! I wish I dedication you people have. I only have a static display with about 17,000 lights and pump music outside. Something will blow somewhere down the line, I'm sure.
  14. I'm sure this is easy for all you pros out there. Where can I find a projector to project snowflakes on the house?
  15. OK, it's a given that every year I blow a circuit or two. How the heck does everyone keep the lights going all the time without running into power issues?
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