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  1. I have some older animals with mini lights but I'm unsure of the voltage. I assume that, if in doubt, 3.5v would be a better choice replacement? Or 2.5v better? Thanks,
  2. gadjsf


    Wish I could do that. When we built our house I requested two dedicated circuits for outside outlets. I even verified with the electrician that he was doing so. Not. Ended up with all outside outlets on a single GFI circuit with two baths. My wife didn't want them ripping out a bunch of sheetrock to do it right after we'd moved in so I got back the $150 we'd paid extra and still have that one unswitchable circuit.
  3. gadjsf


    Thanks guys. Giving both a try.
  4. gadjsf


    I'm looking for some good simple timers to turn some stuff on/off twice per day (eg, 4p > 12p, 5a>7a). With what I've been using I've had varying problems with the programming displays washing out, time drifting (sometimes by several minutes per day so some stuff comes on a lot later than other stuff), things locking either on or off, or a couple of Westinghouse units that simply went flaky after a few weeks. Any suggestions appreciated (my search turned up nothing).
  5. Thanks all. Bummer when a supplier lets you down like that, hopefully their new supplier is more reliable. BTW, it's taking them considerably longer than a few days to reply to emails and vmails. D-Light said they've had a lot more orders then expected so they're running behind as well (but do respond to people). Got some used Chauvet 6 channel packs instead.
  6. Wanted some controllers. I've called and emailed. Phones never answered, no voicemail, emails never replied to. ??
  7. Thanks! My X-10's are maybe 80% reliable. EG, occasionally something doesn't turn on/off or more likely dim/bright commands won't always be responded to (so I might end up with 10 window candles @ 50% and 2 or 4 @ 100%). How would you rate your Insteons? Could I likely expect 100% reliability based on your experience?
  8. Not sure where else this should go, there is no general powerline control forum and the X10 forum is dead... I currently have about 45 X10 lamp & appliance modules scattered around inside and out controlled by a JDS Stargate. X10 has always had reliability issues but is convenient since it uses the powerlines. Running cables all over outside is one thing, inside could mean divorce. Z-Wave and similar RF systems seem quite expensive, at least on a per module basis (I'd need at least 26 modules inside even if I converted the entire outside to DMX, LOR or something). Insteon ICON lam
  9. OK, lights, lights lights is for incandescent or lights is for incandescent? I'm assuming lights, lights, lights? If so, then what is lights?
  10. I'm going through changing 2.5v mini's on some animals. Everytime I replace the last 2 or 3, another 2 or 3 that I know were working are burned (as am I after numerous of these experiences). Is this just a case of weak lamps blowing from the on/off cycle of me replacing others? I currently just plug the animal in, note several that are blown, and pull them with the string still powered up, replace, and repeat for another several. Is it best to unplug before pulling and replacing lamps or does it make any diff? Thanks,
  11. Can someone please educate me on the difference in the two forums. I searched and couldn't find anything nor determine on my own.
  12. All 2.5v are truly not the same. After some experimenting the Holiday Time 2.5's from Wal-Mart seem to work the best. Thanks for your help on this!
  13. I run everything at about 80% (X-10 controllers & a StarGate), hopefully that will help extend lamp life.
  14. Thanks! BTW, saw your train layout. Some years ago I'd modeled the area around Edinburgh including Waverly station and the Forth bridge. This was just before electronic controllers so I still had to do all speed control through rail voltage. Started to convert over to electronic but then we moved and all is still in boxes. Retirement's just around the corner though!
  15. Thanks Dennis. To the extent that I use 3.5v lamps, will this cause other lamps to burn out faster?
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