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  1. Ok I have a dumb question. I'm originally from Indiana but now live in Florida. My question is what is ICE and when is it and how do you find out more info. My wife and I have thought of going home this summer and this may be something to see and learn.

    Baron, ICE is Indiana Christmas Enthusiasts and July 8-9 is our gathering. You may find more information at www.indianachristmas.com or in the forums at www.holidayuniversity.com. Feel free to PM me here or at any of those above sites.

    Thank you


  2. Don't forget to leave July 8 - 10, 2011 on your schedule for ICE! In the Indianapolis area. We will have a great conference! (Remember my rule, it is NOT a mini)

  3. Hey Josh, Congrads on a first run victory. Me and my family will swing by to see your display on the way to Indy. I have not even started yet, not sure if I will. Hope to get a look at yours. What happened to everyone on here, I though this would be the busy time, like years past. Did Greg and Terry fall off the end of Indiana, and I was begrining to wonder about you. I can not believe that no one has posted this long. well good luck with yours Terry

    Christmas On Winter Dr., well maybe.

    Still here as well, been working on my display and perfecting http://holidayuniversity.com

  4. Hi Ernie. Yes, I needed to vent. It felt good. :) And yes, I'm over it now. :-)

    The sequencing hasn't been going well, but that's just because of time issues. If we have one more dinner party, I'm going to scream. :-)

    I did purchase the SandStorm song, but I'm horrible at editing music, so someone said they are going to send me an edited version. I finished two other songs, but I must admit I stole a lot of the sequencing ideas from about 15 people, so there's not a whole lot of my own creativity in there. I'm still trying to find a version of the Nutcracker (Russian dance) that I like before purchasing it. Some are too fast, some lack the oomph where it's supposed to feel powerful, and others just don't feel right. There are so many versions of the song that it's a bit overwhelming. I'm going to try to find a video of a display that has a version I like and find out who conducted it.

    Anyway............ so far so good. Thanks for asking.


    If you are looking for Mad Russian I have a TSO version It's only 16 channel as it was one of my original songs I used.

  5. Rob, your neighborhood display looks awesome. I have never seen it in person, but it was on the Columbus news the other night. I guess I didn't realize what a great job you guys do, I should have known. I need to get up that way to see it, it is truly amazing.


    Come on Bill, I've seen it in person the last 3 years and I live in Indianapolis. You need to step it up.

  6. I am running the latest version of lor2, but I would like to use some existing sequences from lor1. Will this work? If not, is there a way to make it work? Thanks in advance for your help. Happy Holidays

    LOR2 Imports LOR1 files fine. Just open the LOR1 in LOR2 and it is automatically converted. I always do a "save as" and keep the original LOR1 file just in case.

  7. I did that in settings as well, also did the screen saver. So do you leave your computer running 24/7? I just though that if I put it in hibernate or sleep mode when it was time for the show to come on it would wake up? Or should I leave it running and turn the screen saver back on?

    Yes I left it on, that way I was sure it would run.

    I now use a spare desktop.

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