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  1. Running our last test tonight, and we go live thanksgiving. Good luck everyone
  2. Welcome to north Texas. I live just south of lewisville in farmers branch. My websit I's www.pharrschristmas.com. We have over 300,000 lights, 10 houses and a ton of fun!!!! We have beautiful set up weather but december can be rainy. The past couple of years have been ok. Set up can be tricky as the lawns usually need mowing until mid November. We usually start on the house and trees and progress to the yards. Also be sure and look up lonestarholidays. We have a great north Texas group
  3. We actually purchased a Zamperla Cenetepede train. Kids of all ages love it. We have hundreds of riders everynight. The only drawback is that I am an Accountant, not a handy man, but I am learning how to keep it running.
  4. I have had over 6,000 feet for 6 years and no problems what so ever. It will last for years.
  5. We actually pass out candy canes for Halloween. The kids love it. We did pick up17,000 after Christmas last year. Lol. As far as traffic, it really does complicate things. We are outside everynight. Luckily, I have a staff of volunteers that help. Good luck!!!
  6. I am having the same issue. I miss my Tapatalk!
  7. Bill, I agree. Do you think that the reduction in the number of posts is due to the new format? I really liked the unread feature versus the New content feature. I really do not want to be negative for the newbies, but it is much more difficult to navigate around the site. I remember 6 years ago, all the assistance that I received from this and our local sites.
  8. I also need SPT1. 6000 ft, and 300 Males and 400 females. Really need to stick with SPT1, as I have hundreds of plugs left from the past couple of years.
  9. Great ideas!!!! I am going to set up the seers in a couple of weeks to construct theguideqires so I will post a picture then. They are big, very big. Lol.
  10. I am building a life size nativity scene from Winfield patterns. I am ready to paint the viroids, but what should I use to seal them? I do not want the sealant to yellow or make the paint run. Does anyone have any suggestions? I completed the 15 ft reindeer and the joy scenic. I used outdoor paint. Should I seal those? Thanks
  11. Yes we are. I go into Home Depot or Lowest, for assistnace. When Itell them what I am doing, they laugh and say that I am starting early, yeah, right, it is getting very late in the season! I checked with Hobby Lobby manager, and lights should start going up just after the July 4th.
  12. Very funny. My neighbors just laugh we they see me in march working on Christmas stuff. Been working on the new 15 ft reindeers, 27 north poles. Now I have a 20 ft ferris wheel and a 13 video wreath in my drive way. Since I decorate 7 houses they love the final product I try to tell them I only have 5 months until lights start going up and they usually roll their eyes. Lol
  13. I use blue mini in several of my trees. However, a word of caution they will not last long usually only a season or two at the most. They fade very quickly. I have several wire frames used in the patriotic section and I spray krylon on the lights every season. If you ever want to start coverting to led light may I suggest starting with blue Good luck! And welcome to the madness
  14. I like to explain what I am doing. The looks you get. And the comments---- you are trying to do what with PVC and don't you know it is only April..... Lol
  15. Here is my 2 cents.. I have 275,000 lights and replacing them with LED would be very costly. I have about 150,000 in my yard, with the rest over 6 neighbors houses. Last year, my electricity bill went up just under $200 for the season. Compare that to my summer bills which increase 400-500 per month. I always buy my lights after Christmas, and the store brands are only half wave... Most store brands work fine, but others will not fade up or down, and the failure rate can be high. My concern is that the Mini's are becoming extremely hard to find and my force us to transition to LED. A co
  16. kpharr40

    all done

    Awesome job, very impressive, Just for curiosity sake, how many weeks does it take to set up? Mine takes about 4 weeks and 1000 hours, I bet yours takes about that long. Thanks for sharing!
  17. Jeff, How did it work? I noticed that it is really bad on 1 song. The others I can live with. What does not supported mean, that you can't do it, or just a wink and a nod?
  18. Finally Finished. Hopefully the wind does knock anything over....
  19. Good point. It seems like everyone in the area switched to ATT Uverse and I see 8 wireless networks.
  20. Almost finished. Ran a test tonight, and while I was just testing, I had 10-15 cars pull up. Someone told me that I was not transmitting, so I had to quickly hook up the transmitter. I ran the show for 1.5 hours, and I still need to hook up two neighbors houses. Took three weeks and 72 hours of PTO and a whole lot of volunteers. Good luck everyone!
  21. I noticed this year that my Wireless LOR transmitters seem to have a hard time keeping up with the show. I really never noticed it before, and I am wondering if anyone else has had the issue and came up with a solution. Here are my details: I have 50 active LOR PC model boxes in the display. I use LOR Power booster with two output services. I run one in my yard to power my boxes, and the other to a box and then to the transmitter. I have 6 receivers in my neighbors yards to receive the signal. The issues arise when a song is "busy" but I notice that some lights begin to lag and appear to get
  22. We actually had our entire service pannel replaced, and added 20 external GCFI plugs on the side of our house. I had a family member that was a certified electrician, so labor was cheap. I think the parts were about 1000 or so. Keep us posted on your progress!
  23. I actually love using the velcro tape for all my PVC and mega trees. It really makes taking the lights apart a snap.. I loop my light strings on the base and secure it with a velcro strip. However, that being said, our winters are very mild compared to most.
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