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  1. If you want one with a motorized head,you better think at least V8
  2. $25-50 for Overhead projectors around here.They come up on CL all the time.
  3. Try 1/4 in rebar.Shape it in the half circle and stake it down with heavy stake at each end and in the middle.Then you can zip tie the ends of your light strings to the 1/4 rebar.
  4. Does he say "I KEEELLL YOU!!" . J/K but someone had to ask.
  5. Maybe if Santa is seated,it would be easier to mke the legs looknatural and the upper body could mount in a chair,or a rocker with light motion.
  6. Just had another thought.Have your gutters cleaned,maybe they could do the lights.
  7. Don't carry anything up a ladder except a rope..Tie a 5 gal bucket onto the end of a rope and pull the bucket(full of lights etc.) up.No sense in having your hands full on a ladder when you can just slip the rope thru your belt.If you have a helper to fill the bucket,you can pull up several buckets worth of stuff and let the helper do other stuff.Mine usually goes in and makes me coffee or tea,but then she's big on the lights and not big at all on heights besides having 2 TKR's(total Knee Replacements).I don't do my second floor,it's 25+ on the front of my house and 35+ at the back. I have set up lights on the first floor(hey I'm just getting into this more) so that I can put them up from inside.I have double hung windows and just open the top part of them and can reach out from a step stool to put lights on my front bay windows and even reach the eaves above them.If I were to do my roof I would have to have a boom lift,since I don't have a surface to run a scissors lift across and it's not level enough anyway.I'm working on ideas for that.I'm looking to do some lighted wreaths in my second floor windows to give some height without safety/hanging concerns.
  8. The best resource I've found for answers to this question "What glue do I use to....." www.gluethistothat
  9. Charity car washes do it all the time.Car wash Min Donation $5.00 I don't see any difference.
  10. Maybe a sign worded" Display Professionally done Courtesy of Homeowner/Builder/maintainer of display.Merry Christmas and ENJOY"
  11. I've never bought here but they seem to have a lot of choices. http://www.jameco.com/Jameco/robot/robotstore.html
  12. Wrap a couple of cones in orange lights,maybe even as a part of the display.Between them put a small sign telling them,"Sleigh Parking Only" Most people will respond to a request if you first get their attention by hitting them between the eyes with a sledgehammer.
  13. You might also try spraying the material with a water repellant.Snow Seal seems like the name I remember for one.Should help close the weave up soeme and help with waterproofing.
  14. You could do cutaway lanes and walks with the cars/people on a scrolling background under a plexi cover.Paint the stationary objects on the plexi with areas to let the moving scrool show thru.
  15. Kinda off topic for this forum but,I have a friend who has been a Bouncer in Nightclubs for 30 years.Jerry is a easy going fellow with tons of friends.I once asked why he seldom had to get pysical to keep things quiet in his clubs.He told me that he has always been very aware of who works in the place and most especially he is tight with the DJ. or band.He likes to see the crowd rock and have fun but once the tension level starts to rise to a certain level(depending on the club and crowd) he will ask the DJ to tone down the music.He adjusts the mood of the crowd thru subliminal ques in the music being played. And you think the music changing your mood is wonderful?It's just amazing how music can create so many different feelings. BTW If you don't believe this just turn the lights down low snuggle with your spouse on the couch and play a little "ENYA"
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