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  1. Where is the link? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  2. I replaced mine this year with Holiday Coro RGB trees. Way nicer and a lot lighter. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  3. My megatree is made of LEDs from Paul. Started plugging everything and discovered one strand of the 64 hung on the tree was upside down..... So I created a quick plug that had a male on both ends so I can power the strand. Will this work? I've not tried it yet, and wanted to get input first. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  4. I have TEN of the 3 foot trees (no lights) white in color. PM me if your interested. -Pat
  5. Yep, you need snubbers, or simply pace one C9 bulb on each Chanel that has just LEDs on it. Do a search for snubbers, they are awesome. Pat
  6. You could (at your own risk) simply remove the GFI outlets just for the season.
  7. I do the same as statman and just use a lor channel.
  8. chartrand

    Spt Wire

    Good find. I like using the orange cables to power my controllers then green SPT or green store bought extension cords to run the lights.
  9. I have lots of the red candy canes from Walmart, mainly because I tend to lose the bases nearly every year and have to go out and buy new. So what could I use instead, or where can I purchase just the bases? Thansk Pat
  10. You still lose sever if not all the lights if an LED bulb goes bad, but LED don't burn out like the incandescent bulbs to. I got tired of sections of my arches going out as well and redid everything for this year with LED's I purchased from Paul at Creative Displays. They are good quality and with LED's you want good quality bulbs so they are bright today and 3 or 4 years later. His are Full wave and fade really well with LOR. In you situation with the lights on way up on your eaves, I would highly recommend LED's. When I wrap my arches I wrap 2 sets at the same time, so if there is an
  11. My house is older and does not have GFCI's, so rain doesn't give me much trouble. Ever considered trading out the GCFI's for regular outlets just during the month of December? I know safety first, right.....
  12. Easy there fellas... Not that your wrong but this poor guy just wanted a nice Christmas Display with out having to learn everything. His plan was to simply pay to have all the programming done and then all he would need to do is plug everything in, sort of like a MR Christmas on steroids I guess. Ed at this point we have to face reality here, you are either going to have to hunker down and learn the LOR software and maybe use a few sequences from a source like LOR Sequences.com if you expect to have a display running this year. There are also tutorials out there that can help you along.
  13. I got lots of Warm White and Blue last year.... And I have to say I love them both but that Blue is YEAH so much more than I expected. My 2 or 3 year old incandescent blue bulbs were no comparison. I'll be in for more this year as well... Great product and great service is hard to find these days... Thank Paul.. -Patrick Chartrand
  14. Looks good, lots of hard work into the display I'm sure...
  15. Don your coat and hat, grab a flashlight and simply walk by with the flashlight going at random. Make it look like your simply out for a walk, maybe take your dog if you have one. I think if you make a few passes and interrupt them a few times they will stop parking in your area. I don't think you will even need to say anything. You may however have to do it 2 or three times for it to sink in for them. -Pat
  16. You say newer, as in it's used but newer than what you were using last year? If that is the case did you wipe the computer before loading your LOR software and go through all the windows updates? My first guess is that there is something loaded on the computer that is conflicting with LOR. My second guess is that something my be overheating, have you opened the computer case any time reciently and blown it out with caned air or an air compressor? Lastly you could have something physically wrong as well, bad video card, bad memory, etc. Try to get one of those computer stress test programs
  17. Most people try the software out and see if they are cut out for all this. You've gone in reverse and a few of us have done that as well. But right now you really need to hunker down and spend some real quality time with your software, the manual, and any online tutorials you can find. Without knowing what software and controllers you went with it's pretty hard to help you out. -Pat
  18. In windows, click on my computer and then click on your G: Drive and the on the 2008-rev-dec14 directory and the look to see if the amazing grace techno edit .mp3 file is there. My guess is that you probably don't have a G drive? So where is the .mp3 file you downloaded? put it somewhere on your hard drive preferably in the LOR directory in your user folder. Then open that sequence in sequence editor. Once it's open you will the the error message about not being able to find the song, click OK then at the top of the window where it says File Edit View..... Click on Edit and then click o
  19. Nice, where did you get those, I'm looking to replace mine with LED ones for next year? -Pat
  20. The smugness are great, I made anothe 50 of them yesterday. But to know for sure, just add a single C9 light to the end of the LED strings and see if it helps. If so then decide to make smugness or to add a single incandescent bulb to every channel with LED's on it. Pat
  21. I would just use a pair of ELL's and then not worry about it.
  22. I would connet directly to the first controller with laptop and a shorter cable and see what happens. Once you have determined what happes with that you will have a better idea of where to go next. Keep us posted and will try and work through this with you. -Pat
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