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  1. Those Elves are just too cute! Nice Display!
  2. I want a merry go round!!!!!! Did you make it?
  3. Very Nice Chris... I'll be starting mine after Halloween hopefully!
  4. I have those too....Did you get the little Nutcracker Guards...They are cute too.... Becky
  5. You can see all my villages past and present here: http://www.hurleysweb.com/beckysvillages Enjoy Becky
  6. I grew up in Lake Providence, LA.....Live in Benton, Ar now... Becky
  7. Wow what a great display...Where did you get the Igloo, Sled and dog display? I absoutley love that and haven't seen it anywhere before..... Becky
  8. Why is it always the Baby Jesus that is stolen? Why not the Santa or the Snowman? It's always The Jesus ..It must be some psychological thing ....Shock Value possibly? I just don't get it....
  9. I set up Halloween Villages, Easter Villages and Christmas Villages..... I posted them on the Christmas Village site here....Rescue dogs also when needed....
  10. Thanks Guys......My tables are made out of wood.....
  11. http://www.hurleysweb.com/beckysvillages/ My Christmas, Halloween and Easter Villages....:]
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