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  1. yes--that is the 36"one. Both molds have Grand Venture stamped on the bottom.
  2. I saw these two at Roses Department Store in Macon, Ga. yesterday. $25.00 each. Did not see any candles. Sticker had: Plastic Power, Inc 100 Detroit Ave. Washington, Pa. Same address Prime Plastics uses.
  3. yea--I might just drive over there tomorrow or Tuesday. Not like it is a long way from my house.
  4. I ordered the Santa and Angel from online from Kmart yesterday. However they did not have the Snowman. None of the new ones are in the stores down here n Tampa.
  5. Bauhaus Gold by Krylon Paints matches the body color perfectly.
  6. Thank you to everyone. I have been checking Ebay every night to see if one turns up.
  7. LOL--coupe. Didn't even notice that. Spell checker must be broke. I would fix it but I don't know how. Thanks you both.
  8. Got these two this week. And cheap. Goofy is missing an ear. If anyone knows where I could get one, please let me know. Mr. & Mrs. is a little rough. Thanks
  9. I used tomato cages to make the stands for my Grand Venture set. Works very well and can be anchored to the ground nicely. I really don't know what the mounts look like for the other makers, but I would think they could be used with the tomato cages. Another thing--these stack nicely inside each other for storage.
  10. razlfratz

    Meet Sam...

    Another of your awesome repaints, Tom. How you come up with so many unique ideas is beyond me.
  11. I agree. They certainly don't carry them down here in Florida. Just the same pieces every year. Snoopy was the first different one I have seen sold here in years.
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