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  1. i was hoping to tape my 3 sets together at the bottom of the icicle to keep them from tangling as easy
  2. does someone have a part number for the cable or plugs. What amperage is the cable good for? Need to look into this cable rather than another 300 in cords for next year.
  3. At least you didn't buy lights on sale to find out some boxes where empty when you got home!
  4. I have the light show on til Jan 1st when it comes down and noticed tonight the top half of gold just quit suddenly. Have 9 channels of red, 9 of blue and 9 of gold for 27 total. each strand has a box of 35 and 100 count lights. All the 35 count of gold at the top (of course) quit at once and each on different channels but the 100's work. The connections are taped up and still attached ok to top of tree 25' up. Not worth looking atnow but will be very curious why they quit over a 1 day period. I could understand if it was a couple strands or sections of each strand.
  5. Neighbors wanted to know what's onClarks pj's and asked me.I never paid any attention so I thought I'd turn to the pros.:laughing:
  6. I'm sure this has been asked tons of times b4 but which website is the best place to buy mini lights. I never see any red, blue, green icicle lights around. thanks
  7. what i generally do is use a volt meter with a continuity tester that beeps with resistance then remove the first bulb and say the 8th bulb and ohm out between the sockets. beeps good no beep problem between the sockets
  8. Who all puts lights on the roof where they get snow? What do you do to keep them from being buried under snow? We had about 4" of snow Thursday so Friday after work I went on the roof to uncover the lights going across the peak and down the edges which were covered in about 6" or better where it drifted. Probably not the smartest with it being slick but I had torisk myselffor the light show. The crazy things we do for this addiction. I think I ended up damaging several strands in the process so I had to go back up to repair loose bulbs. Any better ideas?
  9. Thursday we had 4 inches of snow and the light show worked great. Come friday turn on the light show and the lights on the roof won't work and when they do come the controller shuts off and we have restart the controller again. What could be our problem?
  10. well another weekend here and more problems. Finally got it working monday and worked all week fine even during the snowstorm thursday now today problems problems problems. grr breaker keep tripping suddenly I have 30 amps when last week it was 16 ?????? divided all the contollers on different breakers and some strands are not working on the roof. Also every once and awhile it decides not to turn stuff when it is suppose to???? The best part more snow/ice called for tomorrow. All I want for Christmas is 1 good weekend with no problems
  11. Ok so saturday was the big show and we get an ice stormand itdelayed the show , took out strings of lights on roof, animated deer light went out. mega tree light bulbs broke, snow man wont stay up, we fix the problems in the moring and come time for the show we come up with this lor program problems ( songs would stop in middle of show so we would have to start it again) finally gave up and cancelled show last night email lor and got it fixed with upgrade. urrr. startingto pull out hair out. but wont stop us from doing it again next year. Hopefully everything tonight will work.
  12. Just had him do ours. Did aGREAT JOB had it done in about 2 and half days. Greatwork and prices.
  13. I built a coro display and and just finished tonight orso i thought. Had extra bulbs so i taped themup about 3-4 bulbs at a time. problem was it got hot and melted the wires and the bulbs feel out. I believe others do the same. Any problems you have occured and what other options are there. Caps?
  14. I just used a staple gun but would like to try next year taking a 1x2 piece of wood and routing out the center so there is a channel and laying the wire in the channel with the bulbs all pointing up so it looks better.
  15. Well this is my first year with lor and and feel like there is alot of pressure to figure out whatI'm doing and get it done while making it look good like all yours. Then on top of it my wife just added to it by deciding this year we need to go to Texas for Thanksgiving to visit her family. Well there goes 2 weekends I very much needed. Ouch. Didn't have that planned our I would havestarted sooner way sooner. Anyone from the Leonard area?
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