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  1. I agree, they do get hot, and depending on what type of materials the tree's "needles" are made from the hot C-9's could melt it if they are touching the glass of the bulbs. Fire? Highly doubtful. Remember Mythbusters some years back? They packed like 1,000 clear C-9's on an artificial tree trying to get it to spontaneously combust, and if I recall it wouldn't on it's own. Personally I think the C-9's would be overkill, C-7's would probably be a better fit for an indoor tree.
  2. I believe, in order to get your cost down lower than what you could buy them from CDI, LED Holiday lighting, etc. you would need to purchase in full shipping container quantities, as they do. Probably nearly a half million dollars worth of lights fit into one of those containers... Buy them on an early order sale from one of the above and get them for around $1.00 each (green C-7 retrofits)
  3. They make clips for your tiles! http://store.christmasdesigners.com/Clay-Tile-Roof-Clip.html
  4. I'd use them but I need most of the green I have left for my mega tree spirals.
  5. If the lights are going onto a wood frame you could use a staple gun and pop a staple on either side of the sockets over the wire to hold them perfectly straight as well...
  6. Ok, don't know why I ended up with multiple posts of my last reply... Anyway, I put the tree outside and took some pics of it with my old blackberry so they aren't very good...
  7. I guess I should add, though it's probably obvious, that each color will be independently controlled via LOR.
  8. I guess I should add, though it's probably obvious, that each color will be independently controlled via LOR.
  9. I guess I should add, though it's probably obvious, that each color will be independently controlled via LOR.
  10. I guess I should add, though it's probably obvious, that each color will be independently controlled via LOR.
  11. I guess I should add, though it's probably obvious, that each color will be independently controlled via LOR.
  12. I guess I should add, though it's probably obvious, that each color will be independently controlled via LOR.
  13. I guess I should add, though it's probably obvious, that each color will be independently controlled via LOR.
  14. Ok, I've FINALLY got around to starting on my new mini trees for this year, and I'm using C-5 LEDs in Red, White, and Green. I wrapped one and I'm not real pleased with the results. Too many of the unlit 'bulbs' are visable and there's not much POP to it. I found that 150 actually fit perfectly, just by accident I suppose. I started wrapping at the bottom and ended up at the top with about a foot extra, lol. I'm just not thrilled with the amount of light from them. I have enough LED's to add 50 or each color, but I'm not thrilled about using my entire supply (and like $1,500 in LED's) to build 8 little trees... I'm using tomato cages, 2 per tree, nested on one another so there's 6 uprights to make them round. The top, which is now the bottom, ring is cut off and 3 wires left to stab into the ground, so the total height of the finished lighted portion is about 3 feet. My trees from the years prior are single cage trees so they are really a triangle, and they have 300 mini incandecents each but just one color each. These suckers are BRIGHT.
  15. FrostNsnow; If you are doing sequencing for free now, I've had a rough year myself and don't have a lot of extra money for my display and I'd be thrilled to have you sit and slave for 20 or 30 hours doing 5 new songs for my display this year!
  16. Well, I know I'm in the minority here, but I know Lyman personally and he has done my sequencing the last 2 years. I've been more than pleased with how it's turned out. Believe it or not he DOES know what he's doing when it comes to sequencing even though he's never had a display of his own. As for the time it takes, I know for a fact that he can sequence a 120 or so channel song in mere hours and aside from a few tweaks after seeing the final product it's damn good. I've always paid him half upfront and the rest when it's done and the show is up and running. He's talked to me about some of the issues he's been having and about this particular display. I believe there's more to it (2 sides to a story). I do know he has been having money problems, health problems and has lost a couple family members the last year. As to him asking for display items, well it seems there's always people on here looking to sell stuff... And I was planning to "pay" him for my sequencing this year with 2 PC controllers. It's hard to comit to that though since LOR has had no sale on them and doesn't even have them available yet and here it is almost October! If lyman decides to not sequence for me anymore I'll either resort to duplicating last years display or have no display at all. I don't have the time, patience, or know-how to sequence songs! I can do all the electrical/hardware stuff in my sleep.
  17. The SSR relay boxes are gone, and have been for a long time. Iv'e tried to get this thread removed by "reporting" it to the moderators for removal and nothing happened... I hate to reply to it like this, because then it's back on top and I get a few more messages I have to turn down, lol
  18. This is what I was going to post as well, but you guys beat me to it. Seems the SPT-1 or 2 debate comes up frequently and I just don't get it either. There's no need for grounded cords when plugging in lights (other than on a controller or something that does have a grounded plug). It's about as silly as the people I see wrapping tape around plugs. Well all you have done there is trapped the water IN, you aren't keeping anything out because the plugs are generally open around the wires on light strings. The problem with outdoor round extention cords, making them yourself, is that the price of the plugs is far too high, plus the complexity of installing them. Yeah, you can get cheap plugs, I have some that cost about a buck each, but they are JUNK. I have several thousand feet of outdoor cords in lengths from 3 feet to 100 feet from 16ga. to 10ga. They have specific purposes for the heavier ones, but the SPT-1 and SPT-2 dominates my display these days. Yes, I use both, I only use spt-2 for times when I know I need the higher amp capacity, and usually in those cases I use premade tri-taps I have hundreds of as well, lol.
  19. When dealing with 120 volt cords like we normally do, they are rated based on one "hot" one "neutral" and one "ground" wire. It is a little confusing, yes. Just to think about: If your main pannel is rated for 200 amps, that's at 220/240 volts, so you really have 400 Amps available at 110/120 volts. Granted you should stay within the 80% rule (don't use over 80% of the total capacity of your circuts) Here's an excellent chart of wire sizes and ratings, also has a chart for wire sizes needed for longer runs. http://www.encorewire.com/docs/amp%20voltage.pdf
  20. Yes, the 10 gauge is 30 amps per conductor, if you have 2 "hots" and one neutral and one ground you then have 60 amps of 120 volts to work with at your sub pannel. The feed end coming out of your existing pannel would need to have a "double pole" 30 amp 220 breaker. Because you have both a neutral and a ground, which do connect to the same places on the pannels, you should be ok. You would want 4-15 amp breakers in your sub pannel. I agree it would probably be best to step up to a larger wire size and larger feed breaker to make building the sub pannel worth while.
  21. @ Anthony, your set-up is really cleaver! That would certianly solve the problem for a new roll! I'm glad I'm not the only person this has happened too! On an unrelated note, I wish PC would stop messing with the forums all the time. I no longer get an email notification when anyone replies to a post like I was before. Now I try to log into the link I had in my favorites folder and I get a "social network oriented" PC. I guess I will have to check my settings and see what's up...
  22. Ok, Thought I'd post this on PC for your entertainment. I was needing 50' or so off of this roll the other day, and while pulling the loose end off the roll, which was nested in a box, it got slightly stuck, and before I knew it the whole thing was on the floor. I hate that SPT wire usually doesn't come on a SPOOL anymore. I'm sure if I wanted to spend 2 times more I could get it on a spool, but budget in mind I have this 1,000 foot roll, thats now the biggest tangled mess in history! There's no feasable way I can see to untangle it. The section to the left is what I was able to untangle by unlooping it from the tangled prison over and over... I think this coil is destined to be used for making short cords only from now on! There's no easy way to get a long length freed at one time. Surely I'm not the only one that's done this!
  23. Interesting situation, I guess it's a compliment from them, in a way? Like other's said, maybe if they would ask you first though if you would prefer to not be part of the contest, and they could put that in the article instead... Somewhat similar here, in that I have received NO recognition from out local media this year at all. They wouldn't even mention my address in the list they hap hazzardly published of "displays to see this year"! Even though myself and numerous others entered my address in when they put out the request for them to be sent in so they could complie a map... Didn't matter, though it irritates me... But if I had any more publicity other than word of mouth I'm afraid the traffic may have grown even further out of control. They don't hold any sort of a local contest here anymore, I think a lot because of some poor judging practices in past years, when one rather "bad" display won multiple monetary prizes...
  24. That's a bit irritating... There's another display in my town besides mine, and he uses totally different songs. His are all slower and older songs while mine are more "rock" based, TSO and similar faster paced more "intense" music. I prefer mine, he prefers his... The crowds here versus at his though tell me what the public prefers though... Neither of us want to copy each other, that's no fun! It's still a competition between us, and some secrets like how many channels we have added or display elements aren't revealed until close to thanksgiving, when it's too late to make changes! I think you are thinking the right direction in using it as a good excuse to change up your display for next year! It's boring if there's 2 of the same thing, and no one else knows which came first. No one wants to be labled as "the copy cat".
  25. Make sure you do the "lockstep" it pops up a warning about, it could also be the card... I have a 2GB card I use for animations and extra stuff and I know it works with it, it's a "DANE-ELEC" SD card. SanDisk is a really big name though... I'd suggest clearing the card and adding your show to it again, give it another try. If that doesn't work find another brand of card. I'd say the smaller the better, but small cards are hard to find these days. I don't know what the limit is the mini director can handle... I have a digital camera that's a little older now and I know I had to buy a different card for it (2GB) than what the new standard was as it wouldn't support the new ones.
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