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  1. Thinking about coming up your way in May from NC. Do you guys have a rough schedule or what is going to be discussed?
  2. I have some of these sets that I bought last year. Need go out to the shed to check on quantities and colors, but it should be more than 2 or 3 of each color. Send me a PM or post here what you still need.
  3. There's really no reason to put a fuse on an extension cord that comes out of a controller channel. Why, do you ask? Because in most cases, you're only running one set of lights or one wireframe or one "something". That something usually doesn't pull anything close to the capacity of the SPT wire, which is at least 7 Amps. I would use a "normal" extension cord to get power to my controller. And that needs to match the capacity of the controller load. But for the individual channels, you should be OK without a fuse, unless you're planning to run a string of 100 C9 incandescents
  4. When I had rope light on my roof, I zip tied the 3 colors (R, G, W) to a pressure treated 1x2 piece of lumber. That way it was always straight and flat. You may have to come up with a way to keep the 1x2 in position on your roof. My roof was flat enough that it would stay without nailing anything into the roof. I did use some extra pieces of wood to make "connectors" between mutliple 1x2s for the full roof span.
  5. The only problem with tools like Logmein and GoToMyPC is that every keystroke is going up to their servers and then back down to the PC you are wanting to control. VNC and RDC are local connections between one computer and another, without the Internet getting involved if everything is on your local network.
  6. Not to throw a damper on any of this discussion, but if you want to "project an image", you need some type of lens in the light path that focuses the image on the house or wall or whatever you want it to show up on. A typical flood light, using incandescent bulbs or LED, is mean to be highly unfocused and spread the light around. Just putting a cover of a cut out sheet or image over the bulb, or even just beyond the bulb won't get you the nice focused image you might be expecting. There are narrow beam floods or spots as well, but again, they just direct the light to a certain area, they don't allow you to focus anything. Just some food for thot before you make an investment.
  7. I may still come as well. I will be having a medical procedure done on 6/17, and depending on how that goes, I may still be able to travel to PF or Bristol and be able to attend the mini. Of course, the benefit of PF was to have other stuff to do for my wife, but we'll see how it goes. Roger, I sent you an email via PlanetChristmas, but don't know if you got it...If I come, I can talk about the DIY stuff and how it relates to LOR...
  8. I plan on coming from NC for this event. Since there's a smaller group than planned, is there an option for a smaller meeting room at a lower cost? I'll be glad to present on some of the DIYC stuff and how it relates to LOR and other commercial items. I also plan to bring some of my stuff that I've either built or am in the process of building for this season...
  9. Before we open it up or anything else, I'd like to get an idea of what has been claimed/requested. I may be willing to up my contribution depending on what I might get... I second the suggestion that you send out to the participants either what they might get, or just send the spreadsheet showing what everyone gets. Just don't post it here on the forum - not trying to hide anything, but also just trying to keep it within the group. There are folks in Raleigh that might be interested in some of the surplus stuff, too.
  10. Hmmm, guess I'll have to beat Tory to the GSO Garden Ridge if I want any blowmolds...
  11. I believe rescue_653 is currently compiling the requests of the original participants and will then be posting items that may not be spoken for. Given that this all just happened yesterday, and that he needs to go pick the stuff up next week, give us a few days to sort things out...
  12. 4 minutes. ILK, we are not the high bidder. b***8 is somebody else. Mark
  13. He hasn't been online on PC for the last 30-40 minutes. I thot the same thing - I'd hate for him to be called out on a rescue! Mark
  14. I tried calling rescue on his cell, but just got his VM.
  15. I've had several PMs from rescue - but nothing about confirming or denying requests. Mark
  16. yeah, just noticed that it didn't go to 802. rescue is doing a good job of bidding. Mark
  17. No, I don't think the top bid is currently rescue. His handle starts with r. The b***8 guy is the one who started bidding a few weeks ago.
  18. It's been reposted, and ends today. Initial auction went to $75 and didn't meet reserve price. Current bid is $100. I don't need one that bad...
  19. To confirm your participation in this buy, please send a PM to rescue_653 with your $ commitment and a list of items that you would prefer. Auction/bid process closes by 2 pm, but you need to get your PM well before then - preferably by noon.
  20. We are currently discussing this in FlashChat, so if you are still in on this buy, please join us...
  21. I have an interest in one of the box arches, with a set of bases. I also have an interest in 4-5 of the bethlehem stars. Also might be interested in several of the PVC arches with stands. Small stars, bells and/or circles too. Mediums will work. I'm still in for $100. Mark
  22. That's all of the pictures. Mark
  23. Large bell (small also available) Small Bethlehem style star PVC arch base PVC arch Wire tree - small and large
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