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  1. Thanks to everyone who PM'ed, especially those who didn't buy but have been so supportive. I've been mostly a lurker here for many years, I always knew there were a good folks on these here forums. Enough of the mushy stuff, I still have four controllers. I ran the hardware utility on all of them. They all "talk" just fine. I have one 3602 that has eight channels out, not sure what happened it worked fine last Christmas. I have one 3600 and two 3602 that all work fine. Shipping has averaged about $40 for one or two controllers. Thanks again!
  2. $200 is what I have gotten for the first 4

  3. I am intersted in possibly getting one if you have any left. My problem is the fact that I, too, am married. I have to convince my wife that this is what I need. Do you have a "reserve" set for you prices? The cost will be the major deciding factor for me. Thanks for your time and cooperation.

  4. Times are tight and its the house or the controllers. Wife is partial to the house. Make me an offer.
  5. I am so bummed. I had a ton of problems last year with the mini lights I purchased at Home Depot. I am pulling everything out and testing and even more minis are out. I tried troubleshooting them with (I forget the name) the maroon "gun" that is supposed to close the shunt on the bad bulb with absolutely no success. Where can I get good quality minis? Online, in store wherever. I need 25-30' long strands in red, white, and green. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Scott
  6. Glad that you enjoyed our lights. Praising God does not have to be boring, and my goal was to prove that. Sorry that the video quality from the right side was so bad. Good luck with your show, make sure an post a video when you get it up and running. In Christ, Scott
  7. The right camera angle is not very clear, sorry about that everyone. Hope you enjoy, Scott
  8. The right camera angle is not very clear, sorry about that everyone. Hope you enjoy, Scott
  9. Which is the better way to try to utilize the LKP? The plug the string into the gun and shoot, or using the detector that beeps? I had no luck with either. If I isolate just the one string are my odds better?
  10. Thats exactly what I did, but I hate putting on a band aid and not fixing the problem itself. What I bought was a lightkeeper Pro. Thanks for the quick reply, Scott
  11. I built 16 mini trees this year, but I am having problems with portions of the minis going out. I bought two different gadgets to use, which are supposed to help detect the problem spots, but I have had no luck at all. Any suggestions? Scott
  12. We had problems last year and I found a great solution. Lowes sells an electric "dog shock" wire fence that is simply a 16 gauge wire that you string around your display. It is almost invisible during the day, and totally invisible at night. The biggest problem is keeping the wire insulated from the ground or anything that will allow it to ground. The one I purchased allows for 400' of wire and that easily cover my display. We have already had two instances where someone began to vandalize, and then left in a hurry! Scott
  13. 4' tomato cages, 200 red, 200 white, and 200 green minis. I was afraid at 4' that would not be enough minis, but I think they look good. Scott
  14. NWSanta wrote: Thats what I have done, as well Evan. Because I have strings of different lengths, some mini's will have 350 lights and some 400. I hope this is not a noticeable difference.
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