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  1. Hello all. I am sort of back. I have been so busy with things at home and work I have not had time to log in much. I just wanted to say hi there and let you know I still lurk once in a while. Hopefully I will be around a bit more.
  2. Tell that person to go buy shade and curtins for the windows. I think they should at least do that.
  3. My neighbor told me about PC.:tree::happytree:
  4. I hope that is not bad. I use quite a few indoor cords outside. That is how I get the short run lengths I need.:tree:
  5. You could always call Elmer Fudd!!:laughing: Just kidding, I have heard that human hair will keep them away. You could ask your local barber shop for some of the floor clippings.
  6. I don't think those bulbs would work here in Minnesota. I know someone that tried to use one in thier front house light and when it got really cold, as it tends to do here, it would not light. I wish I could use them because I have to watch closely how much power I use.
  7. I got that a few times this year. I got worried also and kept some of the more expensive ones closer to the house.:happytree:
  8. Would the even light here in the frozen tundra of Minnesota. It can be below zero for highs around here. I am going to have to believe they will not light when it gets that cold.
  9. I hear kleenex helps with that!!(keeping your noes clean):laughing:
  10. I agree with Thomas and Carrie. I only use one piece of rebar on the outside and use cable ties to hold the mold to that. The past couple of years the wind has blown pretty good. I start by using pea gravel as weight. Then if the wind blows one over I just use rebar and next year use more gravel in the ones that blew over last season.
  11. I have that snowman in purple. His purple glasses have broken. I think I can fix them though.
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