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  1. MichaelB wrote: Thanks to Michael B from Florida you haven't missed it yet. Hope to see you there. I was there in 06 and am planning to be there in 08. glenn
  2. Those are some very nice Gingerbread finds you got there. I was talking to my sister in NC today and she said that she had her garagesales logged into her GPS how many of you do this? I don't even have a GPS. I was shocked at this. glenn
  3. There are some very good molds there. I say go for it. If you decide not to, let me know and I will see you Sat. glenn
  4. Now a word from the SW where the sun shines hotand not a tree for shade. Stored mine up in the attic one summer. Never again had some get deformed, and the ones that where old got very brittle from the extreme heat.Keep in mind that when I went up there on Oct to get them the attic was still getting hot. glenn
  5. Carrie Sansing wrote: flying:( glenn
  6. Being still fairly new to this Blowmold thing, one thing is very clear to me. The blowmold price is just like the gasoline price, those days are gone. That isthe downside to a good thing. The good thing is more people getting back into Christmas decorating. I am glad that more people are getting into decorating just wish they would use wireframes or inflatables. glenn I will be in Chicago Sep 1 for the Mini. Where will you be?
  7. dfern wrote: You have developed blowmold radar that is a good thing.:] glenn
  8. Could be some TV advertisement exc. display. You know how they some times have everytning in black and white except the product tthey want to highlight is in color. Or it might just be that was all they could get. glenn
  9. Richard, What a great idea, I don't have a potato twister, however the ice cream freezer motor turns slow and will work. Hope you don't mind my" feeding" off of you idea. glenn
  10. Dave, "Good luck! Well this is the last box I have don't let them get away!" Quote from ebay description.They didn't this time.The first box got sniped. You happen the have what I was looking for to put in my 2008 display. They aren't getting any cheaper on ebay as the years go by. glenn
  11. Dave, I am doing my best to move as many as I can from Ohio, to Oklahoma.:waycool: glenn
  12. Don't worry to much, they will come. I live in the country and never got many vistors. Went animated two years ago. Now we have to wait to get into our driveway if we go out on Friday or Saturday. It was fun the first couple of times. Trust me and everyone else that has told you this, they will come. glenn
  13. With the price of coppernow who knew that extension cords would be such a great investment. Time to redo my will and divide up the extension cords. glenn
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