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  1. I will running a 32 channel LOR and I had a question on how many (100 same color) can you run on a channel. I am trying to prepare how my layout will look. and help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. So here is a question for you. My fuse bof is in my basement and I will running 4 seperate 20amp runs. Do I mount my LOR box inside the house or outside? Does anuone have any pictures of how this is setup.
  3. I have 200 amp service at my house with 16 open breakers. I am looking at getting a 16 or 32 channel LOR. Sould I run many seperate 15 amp outlets???
  4. I picked up 337 (100 lights) boxes to red hear in Minnesota
  5. Of Course it is to late this year to setup a animated light display, so I will plan for mine next year but I had a few questions if some one could be kind of enough to answer. 1. Are the prices of Light-O-Rama cheaper in the spring or summer ver right now. 2. I am looking at the 16 or 32 channel control what other componets do I need. If some some could provide me with some direction on some of the basic setting up steps since I have never had a automated setup I would appreciate it. Now one in my area (neighborhood) has anything like a computerized setup. I would like to also see
  6. is that the 329.00 one. Also is one verder light controll better than the other or mostly the same
  7. I am looking for some information regarding what animated kit to purchase. These are many venders and different models. I am so amazed a what all of you have done with light displays.....it is one of the coolest things I have ever seen. I cant afford to purchase a million dollars worth of animated equipment but would like to start some where. I would like some help on buying a good buy not to expense of a unit that I could use to start a animated light display. I would like a kit if possible but am a little confused on which vender andwhich kit to purchase. Please help a newbie create a ch
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