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  1. ive only seen solid colors at target so far this year. walmarts led strings were 60 lights but are now 50. ive been looking myself. target is a bit pricy
  2. How about saving 1 idea for the night before the contest, that way he can't copy it till its too late
  3. How about trying a peppers ghost effect? point your unit at a piece of plexi and reflect it out a window. Might nake a cool effect!!!
  4. is this the site??? http://www.lightsondisplay.com/
  5. Is there any free voiceovers available?? There were some on christmasdisplays.net but their gone.
  6. Last year I used the belkin transmitter and a karaoke machine. I placed the microphone on the mr christmas speaker and plugged the transmitter into the headphone jack of the karaoke machine. It worked fine and turned out better than I expected.
  7. musicians friend is having a sale on lighting. maybe of interest to someone. check it out here. http://www.musiciansfriend.com/navigation?N=100001+705411
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