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  1. I have an archway I really don't want to part with. the blower does not have the power to make it stand anymore. Is there a place to purchase replacement blowers? Any help is appreciated!
  2. Light-Keeper-Pro is the way to go!!!
  3. I have a dual-blower inflatable (santa popping up from present) and I found a hole in te seam ear the blower attachment. What is the best way to repair the hole?
  4. Yes they are - I bought them last year and used them last year. They are HD teardrop multi C6.
  5. Is there a way to repair a strand of LEDs that are out? Only used last year and put away working!?!
  6. First - your display is awesome! Thanks for posting the picture - the red looks good! I love the way you did your marty fan!!! I can't wait to see the video!! Thanks, Whitey
  7. I started with 16 channels and all incandescent. I am now up to 80 channels and mixed LED and incandescent. My big issue has nothing to do with saving money on energy cost as having the lights on for a 1/2 second here and there the increase in my electric bill was only $80 with 30k lights last year. I have been going to LED mainly due to power concerns. Last year I started popping circuits right and left. Bringing in LEDs has stopped that problem. As for buying LEDs - all of my LEDs are post-christmas sales. I have not taken part in purchasing from a vendor during the spring sale (if I recall there were some fire issues with them last year - but, the vendor did replace them from what I heard). I like the color of the LEDs, but some do give a neon appearence. The incandescents do seem to have a nice warm color to them. Good luck in your descision - either way - welcome to the world of animated lighting... it is an addiction!
  8. Last year I went and bought a bunch of 100ct red minis with a plan... problem is, I can't remember what it was now! So, I have decided to add some arches with them... but, I can't recall ever seeing red leaping arches!?! Has anyon else seen any and if so, howdid it look and is there video I can see? I sarted the first one, but if it is not going to look good I'll find another project. Thanks, Whitey
  9. Well, in january of last year I stored all of my mini's in a ball wrap and put them in large plastic bins. They spent the next 10 months in my attic stowed away. But, this year, as I am setting up my display I have atleast 15 - 20 strands that are half out. Only the first 50 or last 50 bulbs light up. I tried changing the fuses, walked the whole strand looking for damaged or missing bulbs and breaks in the wire... to no avail. Is anyone else having these issues? Is there a fix for this problem? Or, do I have 100ct - 50 working - strands now? Whitey
  10. That is awesome! I am teaching all this week - but, I will try to come by thursday night on my way home to check-out the grass. I really want to see how it comes out! I have started getting things ready but, haven't started putting anything out... I am soooo far behind. But, I have a pretty good layout this year and think it will go quickly. Hope to see you thursday!

  11. Hey there Paul - just stopping by to say hi!

  12. Looks good JD - I was going to add arches this year, but my yard is very small... I like the mini-arches... they look realy good! Whitey
  13. I would love to be there! I will be in the Ocala/Orlando area around Sept 19 - so that works for me! Keep me up to date! Whitey
  14. I'm going until Sunday the 4th. I have some friends who are coming by this weekend.
  15. I added strobes to this years display... I put 10 strobes in my mega tree. I ran them on 1 channel as they are very erratic. I guess if you want various parts of the house to fire at different times, you might want to use more than one channel. Otherwise, one channel worked well for me. Whitey
  16. I used 100ct minis, three strands. It might work better with 50 ct minis as I had to overlap the strands to make them fit. Whitey
  17. Start small! I began three years ago with one controller and about 10,000 - 15,000 lights. I did not have a mega tree the first year or anything else really fancy. I purchased the majority of my lights on after christmas sales. But, in doing this limited the selection of lights to choose from. So, this prety much dictated my display. I then added another controller during the LOR spring sale. Budget is a big factor for me... so, I added a mega tree using a 10 piece of 4" PVC. It's not a huge tree, but, if you look at my video it looks pretty good. Good luck! Whitey
  18. Not sure if ayone has done this yet!?! But, I had some extra lights and some non-lit candy canes and thought it would look pretty col to do leaping candy canes. Though they are blue, I think they came out nicely! What do you think? Whitey
  19. ... kinda! NBC 6 showed our name and address, but showed the wrong house. The house they showed was pretty nice!!! I wish our house was that big... the show I could do with that house would be amazing! The best part is I called, text, and emailed all my family and friends. My Mom even called me to tell me how beautiful our house is... good to know she can't recognize the house, lol! Thank you to whoever owned that nicely displayed home! Whitey
  20. I remember reading that it is a good idea to drill a small hole in the strobes to drain condensation... what size hole do I drill? Thanks, Whitey
  21. Depending on where in Florida you are... no pants could be acceptable, lol! Whitey
  22. I have been up since dawn working on my lights, like most everyone else on PC. As I was putting in some light stakes, my sun glasses fell off... this is where the trouble began! I reached down and picked up my sunglasses. As I went to place them back on my face, I still had a light stake in my hand. Without slowing down, I placed the sunglasses on my face and proceeded to jam the light stake directly up my nose nearly stabbing my brain. As my eyes began to water, I jerked back my head and instantly felt the warm flow of blood run down my face. My nose began hemorrhaging. As I run inside of the house, my wife frantically began asking me what had happened. As I completed telling her the story of my near death decorating experience, she began laughing! Thanks honey! So, consider this a word of warning! Decorating can be dangerous!!! Be Safe, Whitey
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