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  1. agree 100% with tent stakes and rebar. spiral stakes go in the trash
  2. missed it by that much. they must've gotten a pic of us the very first day i started decorating either last november or the november before that. nothing in the yard at all but you can just make out 2 strands of garland wrapped around the poles on the front porch columns and a blowmold (most likely winnie the pooh) on the porch. either that or they caught the vary last day as i was packing up the first week in january. i can't believe they took pics way out here in redneckville. nothing but broken down cars and cows
  3. word is it'll be on us later tonight
  4. i'd drill. i have no plans of ever selling our blow molds and have no qualms of neatly done security since we too have been victims twice to thieves. both times were halloween though. i got the spiral spikes (the ones some people chain dogs to) about $3-3.50 each 4 pack of master locks w/ keys at walmart $16 3/8" eye hook with washers and lock nut on the inside each blowmold has a 1/2" piece of rebar 4' long and about 2' in the ground that we've always used to keep them from blowing over. now that we've had thieves hit twice they'll have to take stake and all if they want one. the spi
  5. i ran horizontal runs across both sides of our roof. prolly used 300 shingle clips. started at the bottom and worked my way up every 4th row of shingles. used a little over a
  6. using 6 outlet digital timer power spikes. they keep time pretty good. 20K+ lights all on and off within 30 seconds of each other
  7. i use 4' rebar about 2' in the ground straight up and down and i eyeball it with no probs
  8. i have 5-25' long arches across the driveway at 5' intervals. i use 1/2" sched 40 pvc. a 10' on each side with a 5' section in the middle. i use 4' length of 1/2" rebar about half in the ground with the pvc sitting on top. each arch is connected on both ends of the middle 5' section to the next arch with more sections of 5' pvc so all 5 arches are one solid unit. i have never had to tie them down and have never had issues. we get some really strong winds at times as well. they even survive my wife running into them
  9. i use the flower easels from hobby lobby. 30" ones for solid colors cost about $1.50. 36" ones for multis run about $2 each. the legs stick in the ground fine so i never have to stake them down. each tree runs about $7-8 with lights and zip ties for me.
  10. i have 5 arches over our driveway. they're about 9' high and span about 15'. each arch consists of 2-10' section with a 5' section connected with a cross connector in the middle. i have a 6' piece of rebar 3' in the ground that each side slides down onto. each arch is 5' apart with 2-5' pieces of pvc connecting the arches together. i use 1/2" sched 40 pvc and they are not tied down. the connections and rebar hold them in place and we get some very strong winds at times. i have never had any probs. my only prob is my wife somehow likes to run into them. how she doesn't see them is still a myste
  11. saw solid red leds at hobby lobby and i believe walmart over the weekend
  12. hmmm, i didn't put in bulbs and check them. just put them with the other blowmolds waiting for xmas. will def check out the paint thickness though. had to practically beg mrs c to let me get all 3. she only thought we needed 1. i asked some chica if they had more. she said they might but couldn't say for sure and mrs c gave me a dirty look since i was already spending $60 on more holiday supplies. by the time i got some halloween stuff i hit $100 and was being forced to leave...lol
  13. stopped by kmart tonight and they had 3 chilly willy blow molds on the shelf. we couldn't believe our eyes. loaded them all in the buggy. $20 each. if you've been looking for this one head to kmart and see if yours has them
  14. today our lowes has what's left of christmas at 25 cents each now. nothing but some bows, ornaaments and light hangers. i didn't need any of that. the big thing is over in the extension cords they have the yard master single flood holders listed at $3 each and on clearance for $1.50. i grabbed a few and they rang up for 37 cents each. i ran back and grabbed the rest. ended up with 16 of them for $5.92.
  15. i'm a 3 king then i guess...lol. to me lights come down the 1st weekend of the new year. the 1st just happen to fall on monday which meant i got an extra week. lol. this was our last night for the lights. they'll come down tomorrow. that is if weather permits. it's been a wet dreary week and 70% chanmce of rain tomorrow. lights will go off but might not actually come down until they dry sometime next week if tomorrow is nasty.
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