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  1. My Stuart, FL Walmart stopped carrying lighted houses and buildings this year.
  2. Just wanted to post the potos I took. I had a great time and learned a lot. Thanks to all who helped. Learned - I can get rid of the yellow pop up box in LOR Learned - I can have a moment of intermission for "all on" for phototakers Learned - I can use aluminum foil as mountains Learned - I like ABTs Link to photos http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/sets/72157623924767412/show/
  3. I always use feather and garland and ribbon. I also like using Christmas dolls in the trees. Three are not just for ornaments.
  4. Walmart had exactly what you are looking for. I bet they will them again this year.
  5. I too use the corkscrew dog stakes. For 2009, I decided to modify them a bit though. We decided to get dog that will be coupled to the stake with a canvas leash. We will just attach one end of the leash to the dog and the other end to the stake. If an intruder comes within 30 ft of the LOR boxes, the dog will let out a piercing bark and might actually send a painful signal directly to the intruder's ankle. "I'm sorry" but it made me laugh. :giggle: In all reality, her name is Tinsel and we got her a few months ago. She will not be harmed in any way during our light show.
  6. Lori's offer is wonderful. Thank you.
  7. This gets me thinking... We can definitely have a successful mini without it being rigidly structured. Remember, there are two main reasons for a get together like this: to exchange knowledge and to catch up with friends. Maybe we can achieve the two goals without having a formal agenda, presenters, time slots, and admission fees. Usually, the most burdensome part of organizing a mini is getting instructors lined up and put into timeslots on an agenda. Then, during the mini, after the first presenter runs long, everything gets messed up. What if we eliminated these constraints?
  8. My husband and I are coming. He's played golf at your course and liked it. We're thinking about getting a hotel in Orlando for the weekend and making it into a getaway. See you then. Could send $ ahead. Excited to see everyone! -John and Danielle Copeland
  9. I was initially attracted for the same reasons. I can feel Christmas season creeping up again fast though...and I'm getting excited! I am working on an indoor project: a tropical village scene. We found themed wooden bird houses (tiki, flower shop, bait shop, etc) that I'm painting up. Instead of snow, we'll use sand...and so forth. I'm trying to build a replica of our house, but it's slow going until I can figure out what materials to use (balsa wood maybe?). Don't know where we'll put it yet, but in my mind, it sounds cute. We'll see. Outside, I'm sketching out a few small snowman cutout
  10. Results are in..... I got the $50 cordless model after returning the corded one. I have used it to clean/sharpen my garden snippers. I used the steel bruch and noticed that the motor stops if I push too hard. Perhaps it would be the same with the corded model. The sharpener worked great. I used the cutter tip to trim some electrical connectors and it worked great. I tried to engrave my house number into cedar, but I need a lot of practice before I'm good at it. It's much lighter, slightly smaller, and easier to use than the corded model I returned. Over all, I like it and recom
  11. Yeah, more info might help us better advise you. It'd be good to split up the 14 days and hit some northern and some southern spots. It might be worth it to find a location near a major highway (like I-95 or the FL Turnpike). They both run up and down the state near the East Coast.
  12. Pallets are always piled near the dumpster in the back of a local grocery store shopping center near me.
  13. So, I just got a new dremel tool to make a wooden birdhouse-sized model of my house. I haven't used it yet because I might exchange it for the Lithium-Ion Cordless model. Anyone have an opinion on these? Do you trade off power for portability? Here's the link to the models. I got model 395 (ergo "300 series"). Thanks!
  14. They used 3 diff sizes of foam balls from a craft store. They applied a spray adhesive to the balls then tossed with fake snow (in a large disposable box). I really like the look with some white minis mixed in. Now, I can have the snowballs I always wanted (sniffle). This idea comes from an old Cottage Living Mag; I hope this is in the right forum.
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