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  1. Here is the link to a reply from Travis. I'm guessing he's feeling pretty whipped by now and I'm hoping he'll get some support to rebuild his business. So many here have replied that they wished he would have responded back. I, too, felt ignored about some issues with my order, but now that he's responded back and we know what an ugly situation with which he was dealing, perhaps we all can put aside some of the mistakes that were made, learn from them, and get back into the Christmas spirit. Based on an impression of how bad he feels about this whole situation, I can understand it would be difficult to face the disappointments of his customers and the responses in this thread. I'm willing to give him some time to get this resolved and will then consider giving him another chance on anything I might need for 2010 display. (Yes, I'm planning it already) http://forums.planetchristmas.com/showthread.php?t=38387
  2. I had ordered from Travis this year for the first time and was also affected by the problems he was having. I received most of what I had ordered but I was reluctant to post any comments in this forum about remaining lights to be shipped, considering there must be a hidden issue affecting what was happening with a business that certainly appeared to be very positive in previous postings. I can only imagine that he was hoping this issue would be resolved before it would start affecting his customers this year. Having to take someone to court for unpaid bills is no fun and it must have been difficult to do and not have it affect your Christmas spirit. During the whole time leading up to this, I can understand that anyone may think the issue could be resolved "next week", or maybe the next, and that they could get back to business as normal. Well, the weeks stretched on and it wasn't resolved. I can only speculate why he didn't want to mention the problem here. No-one really wants to post their problems with a suspicion in the back of their mind that others will think it's just a pity party to cover up other problems. He may have thought there wouldn't be any support here, I don't know. Perhaps he's a bit shy. I know I am. I believe he will eventually say something here, now that the word is out. If I lived any closer and could take vacation, I'd go up there and help him out.
  3. Haven't logged here for a while and of course I forgot my password. Anyhow, my wife and I are planning to come. Thanks for the PM, Tim. Brad and Connie Stucky McPherson, KS
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