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  1. I bought all my C9 retors when CDI had there presale
  2. Thanks but I am looking for some Hands on with someone who lives here in Florida
  3. Bobby do you live in Florida ?
  4. just got a E682 with WS2811 technicolor pixels and looking for some setup help
  5. I use a trail cam they are cheap and easy to use it snaps a pic when it senses movement i set it up a few week before we turn on our display to get a average number of nightly cars and then remove that amount to get a general amount of cars during display nights
  6. sorry they are only 15cm long I was looking for longer
  7. http://1000bulbs.com/product/10232/HLS-TEST100.html?utm_source=SmartFeedGoogleBase&utm_medium=Shopping&utm_term=HLS-TEST100&utm_content=Christmas+Light+Testers&utm_campaign=SmartFeedGoogleBaseShopping&gclid=CPqklpvSmbkCFSdo7Aodq20AYA
  8. lol my with calls you the crazy inflatable guy. I love your display keep up the good work
  9. krusaders were you on Tv and they showed how you run around your display with a radio and do repairs and you mom does all the sewing repairs on your inflatables????
  10. I am lost i desperately want start out with some RGB around my windows but don't understand how the 2 universes work together i want all my 8 Lor boxes and a RGB i have no idea how to hook up and all needed parts to run both Thanks
  11. Just got back with 6 new large Ty
  12. sorry I have no idea why I typed s2 I have LOR S3 advanced with Super star
  13. Jim let me 1st thank you for your time What sequencing software are you using? LOR s2 with Super star Your pixels don't match your programming HOW??? colors are not matching up By-the-by, not all pixels are "RGB", the controller has 5 modes Mode 1: Micro Mode - Forward - 126 DMX Channels Mode 2: Micro Mode - Reverse - 126 DMX Channels Mode 3: Macro Mode - RGB Setup - 3 DMX Channels Mode 4: Marco Mode - GRB Setup - 3 DMX Channels Mode 5: Non-DMX Mode and I have used all modes and none of them help. i was looking to see if this was a common problem or a simple user error or I am just
  14. Well let me start from the beginning we have been doing a xmas display for the last few years now my wife wants to add a Halloween display this year and at the same time i wanted to add lighted outline of my windows and the most logical thing to do is RGB for the windows so the lights can do both holidays. so I ordered a Rainbow Pixel Starter Kit from Seasonal Entertainment to play with and try my hand at some RGB programming but when i hit play the Pixels don't match my programming I am so lost and think I need some hands on help Thanks for looking Rob
  15. i picked up a Rainbow Pixel Stater Kit from Seasonal Entertainment to play with and try my hand at some RGB programming but when i hit play the Pixels don't match my programming any help will be appreciated Rob
  16. bisquit476 Well the answers on the LOR Forums would be great if i had seen them before posting my 2nd post here in the future please don't judge someone without knowing what going on joeengier Thanks so much for your response i hope to see you there also
  17. 64 People looked at this but no one has any info ??? WOW
  18. Did the cost of the Expo go up i have never been but me and my wife were thinking of attending the expo. what do you get for $160 per person or $320 for me and my wife. will my 8 year old be free or do i have to pay another $160 for him. what will the what is the extra cost for the LOR class it just sounds like a lot of money that can be spent on more LOR boxs or lights Thanks for your help Rob
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